Sunday, December 18, 2016

Snowman Sext - A Seasonal Warning

If your boyfriend is in the shower and his phone happens to be near you and he happens to receive a text from another woman that says, "Do you wanna build a snowman?"... be worried. Very worried.  That simple statement and cute snowman icon may seem innocent, but let me assure you IT IS NOT.  That woman does not want to play in the snow and have hot cocoa with your man.  Well, actually she might.  But, afterwards she plans to f**k him.  He knows it. He likes it. It is probably not the first time. He definitely encouraged her to feel comfortable enough to think of sending a Snowman Sext.  So follow that gut instinct that makes you feel sick to your stomach when you read the text. Be smart. Google it.  When you find the definition in the Urban Dictionary, send him packing.  Let him build snowmen with whoever he wants.  He never was good enough for you anyway. Let him go, let him go.


  1. I can't even believe I sang that to you and that was the reason for your call!! So sorry...I'm glad in some way your (our) instincts were right. Remember we always have that feeling... Love you sis!

    1. So funny! We're still psychically connected even from a distance Sis!

  2. You're worth more than that, Carrie!! Hang in there!! We love you.