Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Family Vacation-Sesame Place

I have to start by saying that we love, love, LOVED Sesame Place!!!! A dream vacation spot for toddlers & the people that love them! And it was a toss up as to who enjoyed it more-the kids or us, LOL!!! However, the trip was not without the drama. The 4 hour car ride went very well! Then, we pulled into the hotel parking lot and the entrance was surrounded with cop cars- so Luccio was yelling, "Coppers!! Coppers Mama!!" I sent Hubby in to check things out, then I thought that may have been stupid so I panicked and called the front desk to see what was up. The man on the phone assured me all was well and it was safe to check in. Just as I hung up my cell phone, Hubby walked out to announce that there was a slight problem. The hotel was safe-the police were just escorting a half-naked drunk man out of the building. But, they didn't have our reservation. Excuse me???? Huh???????

I, of course, stormed myself into the lobby and had Hubby pull up our confirmation info on his iPhone. Hmmm.... seems I booked the Marriott Philadelphia, not Marriott-Langhorne. We were at the hotel I wanted, the one a 1/4 mile from Sesame Place. But, I somehow booked the Philly one that was 45 mins away!!! OOOPPPPPSSSS! Not sure how it happened! I had asked the lady on the phone if they were near Sesame and if they had a shuttle and she sad yes to both. Well- they are in the same state as Sesame and their shuttle goes to Philly Airport so I guess there was some miscommunication!! I knew it was too good sounding when I booked a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom, kitchen, and living room suite for $159 a night!! Apparently such rooms at the correct hotel go for $500. A 1 bedroom suite was $320. A sort of big difference. I had a meltdown. Not a quiet little moment, no. A MAJOR all out meltdown. I was hysterical. Luckily the kids were still in the car with my mom and didn't realize I had ruined our first family vacation. And even more luck was that the Hotel Guy took pity on me (actually on Hubby for being married to me) and got his manager to give us one of the 1 bedroom suits for $189. Crisis averted, vacation saved!! We brought the kids in an unpacked!!!

We headed to the Park for the most amazing fun EVER!!!!! I cannot even tell you how much much fun it was to my little guys (Hubby included) enjoying themselves so much!! The wonder and awe on their faces when they saw Grover, Cookie Monster, Elmo, Zoe, all of the Sesame Street people and places! OMG!!!! Luccio kept saying. "this is wonderful Mama!"

The Elmo Live show was awesome! We were right up front, thanks to Stregga being first in line!! My baby Princess was so into it! She loves Elmo and her expressions were priceless!!

Most of the park is water rides and pools and sprinkles, perfect for such hot humid weather. So we stayed cool and had fun. We took breaks to see a couple shows and watch the parade.

The second day we slept late and then headed to the park for around 11am. We had another day of great weather and got to see more of the park. It was actually a small enough place that we could go separate ways and meet back up easily so that was nice.

The only other crazy moment came when Hubby went out to get a late night snack for him and Stregga. He called us from his cell to say that Burger King wasn't serving fountain drinks because the water in the area was contaminated!! We checked with the hotel desk and supposedly the hotel and Sesame Place have their own filtration systems and were unaffected. But, the article we read said that many places in the area were affected by e. coli from human or animal feces in the water, ughhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! We had brought lots of bottled water and snacks for the the kids so we hardly needed to go out for anything and were basically unaffected.

We really enjoyed ourselves and we were all so sad to leave!! The kids thought we should stay forever and told us they wanted to work at Sesame Place. Luccio wants to be Elmo and Cenzo will be Grover (aka Grobber) Me, Stregga, & Isabella can all be Abby Cadabby! And of course, Hubby will be the Count because he looks so much like him, LOL!!!

We have been home for a week now and talk about it constantly still. We watch the video and look at the pics over and over. We definitely want to go back again next year! Cenzo thinks he is having his birthday there in September!! Resourceful kids is always thinking of new plans, LOL!!

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