Saturday, March 14, 2009

Elmo Live!!

Hubby and I took the boys to see Elmo Live today! It was awesome!! We had great seats and the boys LOVED it!! For the entire first half Cenzo didn't move or blink, he was just mesmerized!! He kept saying that we were at Elmo's House, LOL!! Luccio was excited, but was bopping around and wanted to eat snacks and stuff. He was interested but it he was able to eat through it, LOL!

During the intermission we walked around, they loved that! We bought the CD of the show. Its funny because last year we an Elmo Live show and bought the $15 CD and we have listened to it EVERY day since last April, Stregga totally got her money's worth of it!! LOL! So today we knew we had to buy a new one. And we let the boys each pick out something. Cenzo walked right up to the display case and immediately selected a Zoe doll. He hugged that little doll through the whole show, at one point he looked at it and said he loved it, it made me tear up! Luccio spent a little more time looking at everything and deliberating his decision. He eventually settled on a cool pair of binoculars! FUN!!! He was actually able to use them!

The Second Act felt a little longer. By then Luccio was done sitting and was pacing through our seats and then plopped on the floor to play with his binoculars. Cenzo still was very interested, but decided he needed to take a break to use "Elmo's Potty." So Hubby had to run him out to try the potty. He didn't actually do anything just wanted to "look at it."

Two "funnies" from the day were:

On the way in we ran into an friend of ours that we hadn't seen in ages. She was with her son and I said "Oh, are you going to see Elmo?" And she just looked at me and said, "Well, he didn't know what we were going to see." Great, I ruined the poor kid's surprise, I felt awful!!!!

Second thing was this snooty toot family was sitting next to us. We had 4 seats because you have to purchase a seat for everyone over the age of 1. So the boys sat mostly on our laps leaving a empty seat between me and Snooty Tooty Grandma. At one point she offered her granddaughter the empty seat. I look at her and said. "Sorry but that seat is taken." So what if it's taken by my coat, I paid $25 for that darn seat and if one of the boys needed it or my jacket needed a resting place then my gosh that is what it's for!! Some people, ugh!


  1. As the Sesame Street cast filled the stage during the final scene I looked around at all the excited kids in the theater and then down at Cenzo on my lap and Luccio on Carrie's and I got a little choked up. Watching their little eyes filled with wonder at all the fun lights, music and costumes I wondered how long they'll really enjoy shows like this and it made me a little sad. They're still so young and small, but everyday they get grow up and get little older. I want them to stop to enjoy their childhood as much as they can. I want them to enjoy it as much as we do just watching them.

  2. How fun! I'm so glad you guys got to go. What a very fun memory for them.

    I keep wanting to take my kids to see that show but I don't know if they'd sit through it or not. I think I might Sesame Street a bit more than my kids.. lol although they've all loved Elmo at one time or another. :D

  3. I have not yet dared to take the Biscuit to a public event (that lasts more than an hour yet)... you give me courage. sounds like such fun!

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