Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Guest Blogger: When I Knew I Was A Father

Hi, everyone. It's Hubby here with a special guest blog post. Wifey was kind enough to allow me to try this after I told her was to lazy/busy to start my own blog. 

Well, to start off, my title is a little silly. I knew I was going to be a father for a long time. Heck, with that pregnancy I felt like I even knew their personalities inutero. We actually named them before they were born. I don't remember exactly how that worked, but we did it. And these are twins, remember. These were also probably the most monitored kids ever. Several times a day nurses would come and check their heart rates. Yes, we were sure they were still in there and they were doing well. 

The day the boys were born Luccio needed an MRI almost immediately. While my father-in-law stayed with my wife my assignment was to go to the MRI with my mother-in-law. Still wearing the clothes I'd worn to work the day before and the scrubs I'd been given for their birth I said good-bye to Vincenzo in the NICU and made my way to the hospital's MRI facility. I'd grown comfortable navigating the place during my wife's months there. It was almost like a kind of resort for us. Imagine taking the elevator down from your hotel room to the pool near the lobby in your swimsuit and slippers with your towel over your shoulders. Well this was a bit more serious, but there I was in my scrubs and my Apple Store t-shirt, carrying my ever-present soda bottle. I approached the room down an extended hallway that also lead to the emergency department. I turned on my heel heading into the doorway to the MRI room. I remember how purposeful I felt. I had to get to my newborn son. Well, out of nowhere a stern voice halted me. 'You can't go in there!' called out a random hospital employee. I guess maybe she thought I was some lost orderly, half-dressed in my scrubs. Without thinking and without much tact either I swung my head in her direction and barked back at her. 'My son is in there!' And I continued walking. The woman possibly gulped out an 'oh' sound or something, I don't quite remember. I just remember thinking, I'm a father. There's something (two somethings!) more important than me here. They may need me to speak up for them from time to time.

Thanks for reading. Hubby out!


  1. Great job Hubby, what a way to enter Fatherhood, most new dads only get to learn how to change a stinky diaper.

  2. Great job Hubby!!! I love how you so immediately and thoroughly took to the new title of 'Daddy'.

    Your part about the Apple store shirt made me go Uh Oh though... don't read my blog until my Apple post floats away! LOL