Saturday, February 28, 2009

Tidal Wave

Some people are so extraordinary that their very presence in your life has an eternal impact. Jen O. is one of those people. She was my brother's first girlfriend. He was 15 and she was 16 and they were in love! Her chcharismatic personality made it impossible not to fall in love with her and our whole family was under her spell! She had a vibrant, boundless energy. My brother had met her through their church youth group. Jen, who was always Mary in the spring play, convinced my brother that he would have fun on retreats and at the youth group meetings. And he did! She got him involved in all sorts of activities and service projects and trips. They had a blast. On the weekends she would spend the days at our house getting the whole family involved in cooking, baking and making crafts. She always had an idea, we were never bored, but we were exhausted when she left! It was like having our very own camp counselor.

In the evenings, my parents would be sitting in their king size waterbed reading and Jen would run from the doorway of the room and jump onto their bed yelling, "Tidal Wave!!!" Then we would all pile into my parents bed and pour out all our stories to them. My parents never had to wonder what my brother was doing cause Jen told them everything!!

My brother turned 16 the summer before Jen started college. He was so young and it was is first relationship. So when she went away to college, they broke up. Jen was devastated. My parents and I were sad too, we would miss her. But, it was for the best because he was too young for that kind of commitment and needed to be a teen.

I saw Jen that winter after her first semester of college. She loved school! She missed my family and especially my brother. We promised to all get together soon.

A couple of weeks later, Jen went on a ski trip with some friends from college. Her parents met them in New Hampshire for the weekend. On the way home Jen drove back with her friends and her parents followed. At an intersection, someone drove through a stop sign and hit the car Jen was a passenger in. Jen, the only person wearing a seatbelt, was the only one killed.

Her funeral was held on my Dad's birthday, just 4 days before her 18th birthday. It was the largest funeral I have ever attended. Hundreds of people came. Her parents hadn't even realize she knew so many people. It was a true testament to the incredible person she was and the kind of life she lived. I will never forget the priest saying he believed Jen was up in Heaven creating committees and getting things done! I know she is up there creating Tidal Waves!!

Jen's death set my brother's life on a course that included becoming a teen parent, marrying at an early age, divorce, and drug addiction. And he overcame it all!! He is currently battling his way back from a spinal chord injury he endured from a fall down the stairs. But like the mythical Phoenix, he always rises from the ashes. He is good hearted man, a hardworker and he always strives to be better. He is one of the strongest men I know.

I know his life, all of our lives, would have been different if Jen O. had lived. But, if for one moment that would mean that my nephew would never have been born then I can't really stay sad for long. But, I miss her. We were blessed to have had an angel among us.

Jen O.'s birthday would have been this weekend, Feb. 29th. And just like the 29th of February will not occur this year, Jen O. will not grow another year older, but she eternally exists and will not be forgotten. Our Tidal Wave lives on in our hearts!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Home Alone

It's quiet in the house today. No one is screaming, crying, fighting, running. I haven't changed countless poop diapers. No one has left handprints on the TV, mushed cookies into the carpet, or spilled mac and cheese all over the kitchen floor. No one has demanded "SNACKY," "Water" or "Potty Time, HURRY!!" I have not watched one episode of Mickey's Clubhouse or Einsteins. The curtains have not been ripped down, the blinds have not been bent, and toys have not been "dumped." And not one person has wiped their nose on my shirt today, although Hubby did try!

I took a 2 hour nap today and I did not wake up to anyone yelling "Mommy, I awake!!! HURRY!! HURRY!" I watched back to back episode of General Hospital and ate an entire meal without having to share it!

It's pretty obvious that my boys are not home today. They went out with Stregga and Papa for the day!! They went to the library and Chuck E. Cheese. Cenzo told me they are having a "venture." I think he mean adventure and I was pretty impressed he knows that word, LOL!!
Before they left this morning, Cenzo said "No, I stay here with you Mommy." But, as soon as Papa stepped in the door it was like I was yesterday's trash and the boys were yelling, "BYE," "Bye-bye!!" And off they went. They are helping Papa celebrate his birthday!! And they will be staying overnight at Stregga and Papa's. They won't be home until tomorrow AFTERNOON!! WOW!!!

I haven't had this much free time since October (the last time they slept over there) And I am enjoying it!!!

BUT, it is quiet in the house. There is no one laughing and being silly. No one kissing me and saying, "I yuv you Mommy." No one making Baby Mickey sing funny songs. No one tackling me with bear hugs. No one has colored me gorgeous pictures. No one asking for "rock, rock" and bedtime stories. No one to tuck in to bed.

And so, I am enjoying my much needed day off. I am relaxing and trying to re-energize myself! I am grateful that my parents are giving the boys a great "venture." I know how much they love spending time with them! And tomorrow, I will enjoy waking up late and having a quiet cup of tea. But, when they get home I will be glad to see them and happy to have our organized chaos back in full swing!!!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Carbon Monoxide Scare

Tonight while we were giving the boys their bath I heard our CO detector going off in the basement. A rush of panic went through me! I yelled for Hubby to go check it out. He confirmed it was the alarm and called the gas company. I was tyring to stay calm because the boys were getting riled up from the commotion. Cenzo is a bit of a worrier (like me) so right away he wanted to know what was happening?What was that noise? And he said, "I nervous." Luccio had his little hands up to his ears listening intently to the alarm. I realized in that moment that everything I say or do affects them ENORMOUSLY!! So I tried to be reassuring and finished up the baths. I tried to hurry them along and dress them in case we needed to leave the house. Cenzo look up at me and said, "I afraid," with a quivering lip.

So, I took them both in my room and got them into jammies and snuggled them on my bed with blankets on. I told them the alarm was broken and Daddy was working on fixing it. That seemed to be enough of an explanation for Luccio. But Cenzo, remained unconvinced and let me wrap him in a blankie and sat curled on my lap. He hasn't done that in a long time!

We waited for the on-call gas man to come check it out and I tried to entertain the boys with funny stories and games. They loosened up and relaxed, until the wind started howling outside and then they resumed a bit of panic! If I wasn't so nervous myself I would have laughed!

The gas co. guy got to our house very quickly. He used a meter throughout the house and didn't detect any CO. He did get a very low reading of 3 ppm right inside the furnace. He said that was not abnormal, but we should get it cleaned. He thinks the detector may just need new batteries. I tried to be relieved and calmly got the boys settled into their beds. Of course I had to answer about a million questions about who the man was and what he had been doing, but then everyone went to sleep!

And I got on the Internet to research what I could about CO and detectors etc. I am extra freaked out because this isn't the first time this happened. Last winter we had it happen twice! One of the times the CO level was so high our whole family had to go to the ER for oxygen treatment. The boys were so tiny then and it was so scary!!! The ER doc told us that at that level of CO we would have only been able to survive about 8 hours in our house!!!! After that my parents bought us a new furnace. So we thought we were all set this winter. But now, "I afraid too."

I am going to call in the morning to get someone out here to clean the furnace. And we changed the batteries on the detector. It's just freaky because all day today I have had a terrible headache and while I was cleaning in the basement earlier I swore I smelled gas. But, I mentioned it to hubby and he investigated and hadn't smelled it. So when that alarm went off it was like a confirmation of my worst fears!! The last time we had the CO scare we were lucky that we had smelled gas which was leaking or we would never have detected the CO in the house. The person who came to fix he gas issue just happened to find the CO problem.

I do feel better after knowing there was no detectable level in the house. And we will sleep with windows slightly open. But, I can't wait to have that furnace cleaned and hope I can get someone here ASAP to do it!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Cry Mommy

This morning, Cenzo woke up and went into the bathroom for "potty time." I got him all set up and then went to his room to get him clean underwear. Well, he was bellowing for me so I hurried back thinking he was done. No, the Boss just wanted me to "stay me Mommy." This is nothing unusual as he always requests this and I sit on the small stool in the bathroom and cheer him on as he does his "business." Well today, Cenzo decided he didn't want me to sit on the stool. He said "No sit there! Mommy too big." And then he was laughing his bum-bum off!! I said "Cenzo that is not nice, Mommy IS going to sit there." So, the little stinker looks right at me and says "Cry Mommy." I told him no I wouldn't cry because I was happy. But, he persisted, "cry Mommy, cry!!" Then he started to fake cry "waaa, waaa, cry Mommy!"
UGH!!!! Nice, real nice!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My Friend's Baby

Today I accompanied a good friend to her first ultrasound appointment. It was so exciting! She is 7 weeks pregnant and the ultrasound was to confirm the pregnancy. Well, it's confirmed!! There was one healthy baby in there with a strong heartbeat! My friend is a fellow twin mom so there was a moment of breath holding waiting to see if the ultrasound would reveal more than one, LOL!! But, there on the screen was one tiny little bean with a fluttering heart beating away. There is nothing quite like witnessing new life. I left the doctors office feeling like I had a reminder of how precious life is. This tiny little being tucked safely away in it's mother's womb is already changing lives!! I am grateful that my friend let me tag along to witness such a sacred event!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Game on!

So the house deal is back on! We qualify AND the price is still in our range! WOO HOO!
Now, we just have to sell our current house and then hello dream home!! Should be simple enough.

So the housing market has crashed, no problem!! So what if we are buried in our mortgage and have to sell for more than our agent is recommending, no problem! We are super motivated, one step from the neighborhood and school system I dream of having for my boys.

Now we just have to clean it out the garage to make it look like we have lots of storage. that may be a problem!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Living as if everything is a miracle

I believe in miracles, God-incidents, soul connections and Divine intervention. And because I am not only open to these ideas, but often seek them out, it's not a surprise that I find extraordinary experiences in the everyday moments. Usually these Divine Moments come into my life through others. A soul connection to me is when you met someone and instantly feel like you have known then forever. You have so much in common and can talk about anything. Its like the other person knows everything about you and likes you anyway, LOL!! Today was a day to celebrate a "soul connection" that has made an amazing difference in my life, my friend Sr. Mary Anthony. We are kindred spirits and her prayers were essential in helping me get through a high risk pregnancy and all of the medical issues my sons dealth with. Here is the story...

Before I became a mother I used to have a life where I actually worked outside of my home and even traveled. It seems forever ago even though its only been three years. But, in that life I was a Campus Minister at a nearby college for 8 years. I counseled, planned retreats, organized spiritual services, ran community service programs, etc. It was amazing and I really enjoyed it. That job gave me opportunities to go places and meet people that I would never have otherwise. I traveled all over the East Coast and even went to Canada and Europe the youth group that I worked with.

On one trip my group and I went to Toronto, Canada for World Youth Day in 2002. Almost a million young people gathered to hear Pope John Paul II celebrate Mass. Sr. M.A. was there with her high school youth group. We quickly became friends and chatted and laughed over the antics of the young ones we were chaperoning. I could instantly see the charismatic faith Sr. M.A. had. People were drawn to her. She is tiny, but lives life out loud!! She had a BIG faith and she shares it in a very welcoming an easy going way. She is funny and loving!

A couple years passed and by God-incident we ended up bumping into each other again. I was working with a priest at the time that used to work with Sr. M.A. When I went with him to visit a friend of his at the convent, Sr MA happened to be living there too. We were excited to reconnect. Over the following year we would plan retreats together and chat sporadically.

The following year, I happened to be at the convent for an event and we got to talking. I was in the depths of my despair over dealing with fertility issues. And I was talking to Sr. M.A. about it. She is a great listener! And she told me I should pray to St. Anthony for his help in finding a way to have a baby. She told me of miraculous events that happened after her sisters in Poland had begun praying for a couple in a similar situation. And she gave me her St Anthony relic. Its a small jewelry box and inside has a piece of St. Anthony's body. It changed my life forever! After that my husband would joke that it wasn't a party until I pulled out the relic because I showed it to everyone and told them all the story. Sr. had also give me oil from St. Anthony's birthplace Padaua, Italy. Needless to say I slathered that oil all over praying for a miracle.

I did get my miracle- two of them!! TWINS!!! And both are named for St. Anthony. As I have already mentioned in previous posts, my pregnancy was eventful and I spent a long time in the hopsital. During that time Sr M.A. prayed for us. In fact, she started a prayer chain reaction.
At one particularly stressful point of my pregnancy (I was in the 25th week) my docs told me the boys would have a 40% chance of living if they were born. Not great stats. I was so scared! Later that morning one of the docs came back and said to me "If you pray, today is the day to do it." So I called Sr. MA and by God-incident she happened to be with her youth group and they offered prayers for us. She also added our names to the prayer intention list at the convent. Since it is a retirement home many of the sisters are very old and have lots of time to pray so they took the request very seriously and devoted prayers for us until my boys arrived into the world safely at 32 weeks! Sr. M.A. also spread the word to other convents so at one point we had sisters all along the East Coast and sisters in Poland all praying for my babies!! I truly believe that is one of the reasons my sons live and breathe today! No matter what grim news we got I knew in my heart of hearts that the sisters were storming the heavens and there was NO WAY God wouldn't grant them their requests!!

So today, Luccio and I visited Sr. M.A. and the other sisters at the convent. It was such a beautiful experience. The youth group students were there too!!! Luccio had a wonderful time showing off. And the students seemed so happy to meet him and spend time with the little guy they had been praying for. One sister came up to us after and thanked me for bringing Luccio. She said the sisters felt like they had gone through my pregnancy with me and were so relived when the boys were born healthy and were happy that Luccio made it through his medical challenges. One sister gave him an adorable teddy bear to take home!!

We have been so blessed to have wonderful people in our lives. Luccio is joy and light and I know he brings happiness to others, as does his brother Vincenzo. They both have such potential to change this world and leave their mark. With so many people praying for them I just know they will be amazing!!! I look forward to all the future holds for them. I am thankful for our friendship with Sr M.A. and glad that she has become part of our extended family!! God truly works miracles!!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Super Sweetest

I was always anti-Valentine's Day. I would wear all black and mope and complain about it being another consumer holiday. Until I met my Sweetest and life changed forever!! We met 6 years ago on a blind date. A mutual friend had given him my phone number and we briefly talked on the phone and set up a date. When he showed up at my house I wasn't sure what to expect and he wasn't exactly "my type." But, when I heard him talk, I thought there was something about his voice that I found very attractive and it caught my attention! We had a wonderful date. We went out for dinner and then sat and talked for hours! By the end of the evening I knew I had found someone special!

We were engaged 5 months later and then married the following year on a cold, but beautiful November day. Three years later we had our precious boys!

When I was a teenager I had a "list." The List was all of the qualities I was looking for in a husband. And my Sweetest by far surpasses my expectations and dreams! He is a teacher, an artist, a film maker, a guitar player, a singer, and the best egg sandwhich maker EVER!

Over and over I am reminded of what a wonderful person I found! He is my best friend. We still talk and laugh for hours. He listens to all my stories and share my joys and sorrows with me. He always gives me an honest and realistic point of view while still supporting me and my dreams. He always plans special surprises for me too. When we were dating we would go to Broadway shows and he would get front row seats! And even being married and on a tighter budget he still plans special day trips to Mystic Seaport or other fun places! He always gets me the perfect gifts and knows exactly what I will love without me having to even tell him. We always joke that we are "psychicly" connected because we will call each other at the same time and funny little things like that.

My Sweetest supported me (emotionally and financially) when I decided to go back to school to pursue my Master's Degree. And again when I left my job of 8 years. And he was there with me in the happiest moments of graduating and getting my teaching certificate. And with me during the darkest days of our struggles with infertility and miscarriages.

When I was picturing who I would spend my life with I knew that person would have to want children and be an amazing father. Well, our son has been named since our first date!! We had talked that night about children and he told me he wanted to have a son named, Vincenzo.
My Sweetest is so great with the kids. He loves them so much and they know it. He works two jobs so I can stay home to raise the boys. Being a mom and being home with my babies was a dream of mine since I was very young. It was something I wasn't willing to compromise on and my Hubby understands and supports that in every way. He gets up at 5 am for work and returns each night to help with dinner, baths and bedtime routine and never complains that he is tired or doesn't want to. He gets up with them on weekend mornings so I can sleep in which is LOVELY!!! The boys know they can go to him as well as me for any needs they have.

I know that I am loved and spoiled!! And I know that I love my Sweetest so much even though I don't always say it or show it. He bears the weight of my moods and my temper often. And his love and devotion may often seem unappreciated. But, it's not. I know what a treasure I have found and I love each and every quality about him. I wouldn't want to spend my life with anyone else. I look forward to growing old together, "the best is yet to be."

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sink Bath

We went with Grandma to get the boys portraits done today! It was so much fun!!! The session didn't seem to be going well because the boys took turns crying and walking away and refusing to pose. And then they would smile, hug or laugh and the photographer wouldn't be snapping pics because she said she could only do 30 shots and didn't want to waste them. Needless to say Grandma and I were not sure what to expect of the pics. But, we were pleasantly surprised when they all came out gorgeous!!! Of course we are biased, but my goodness their little personalities were captured! And we bought sheet after sheet of just about every pose!!! I will post the pics when we get them.

After pics we went to walk around Build-A-Bear and then to the food court of the mall for dinner. Well, there is a carousel in the food court so the boys really wanted "horsey rides" and were very distracted. Cenzo kept getting up and walking away. So we told him if he didn't sit and eat he would have to go in his stroller for time-out. Well, he did it again so we put him in the stroller. He grabbed a bite of cheeseburger off the table and stuffed it in his mouth as he went into the stroller.

Then he cried and screamed with a mouth full of burger, he started coughing and then gagged and threw up! UGH!!!! Thankfully Grandma and Hubby cleaned it up cause I can't stand vomit (although who does like it, right??) He got cleaned up and we rode the carousel and the night ended on a good note. It was so much fun!!! The boys really enjoyed their time with Grandma!

Cenzo reeked of vomit on the car ride home so he needed a bath. Hubby and I were exhausted from wrangling the boys at their photo shoot. SO I decided to do a "sink bath." We used to do sink baths when they were little and then at 9 months or so moved them to the tub. Every once in a while we will do a sink bath and its like a special treat. Cenzo was SO excited. When I put him in the warm, soapy water he said "awww, I yuv sink baps" (translation: I love sink baths)
It was so cute. And I had to admit I love sink baths too. Its one on one time with them and it reminds me of when they were smaller. They used to be teeny tiny preemies and now they are big 35 pounders so its hard to remember how needy they once were. Sink baths are also so much easier on my back than the tub ones, LOL!

and then the bottom fell out...

Well, I was "this close" to a dream opportunity. A friend of ours called this week to say she may be selling her house and would we be interested. YES!! Absolutely. Its in a fantastic area, great neighborhood, good school system, more space!!! YES!!! The neighborhood reminds me of the one I grew up in where kids could play safely in the driveways and street and have fun together. My neighborhood friends were among the best I will ever have!

Lately I have been stressing over school issues because the boys are almost 3 and will be attending preschool in the fall. Time and again I have been hearing that Luccio wold receive better services and be eligible for different preschool programs if we lived in another town.

So when this opportunity came up we jumped at it!! I called the mortgage company and we can get approved (miracles happen!!!) and then the real estate agent came to give us an estimate of what we can sell our house for yesterday and it will come close to what we will need to make. So it was falling into place!! We were going to put our house on the market tomorrow. I was imagining my boys running through that yard!

Then... I got a call today. The house is part of an "affordable program" where your income has to qualify. Well, the good news is we qualify because the median income rate went up!! YEAH!!! BUT, so did the price of the house. BUMMER!! We were crunching the numbers down to the pennies and trying to "make it work." So this new development takes us out of the running!

It felt like a punch to the stomach. I called my dad and it made me feel better. But, I am still bummed. I know it was only a couple of days that we were even considering this, but I truly felt it would happen.

Our current house is a cozy home for our boys to grow up in and we are blessed to have a home that we can afford without stress in these crazy economic times. But, still....I REALLY wanted that neighborhood for my babies. UGH!!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Cozy Nests

Last summer we had night after sleepless night happening at our house.  One of our 2 year olds, Vincenzo, had developed a fear or anxiety about being in his bed.  Since it was light out when we put them to sleep around 7 pm he was fine going to bed, but he would wake up in the middle of the night screaming as if he was having a nightmare and it became almost impossible to get him back to sleep without lots of rocking, cuddling and coaxing.   We even resorted to leaving the door to his room open with the hall or bathroom light on all night.  It seemed to help a little.  But, the cure came when we started to help him build a "nest' in his bed.  We let him choose a few stuffed animals and a favorite blanket.  It became part of our routine to tuck in "fluffy" his beloved blankie and his "animals" that include a big mickey mouse and a baby mickey.

Worked like a charm.  He felt safe and nestled in at night and the waking up and screaming ceased.  He has added to his nest as time has gone on and now has several animals including Goofy, Donald Duck and a few teddy bears.  At bedtime everyone has to be accounted for and tucked in with him.

Luccio has started to build a nest too.  He still has his Wubbas at night
(see O Wubba post for details) and he has a few "woof woofs" and bears.  
For Christmas I made the boys their own quilts and they love to have them tucked around them at bedtime.  

Their beds look like they are getting smaller and smaller, but are so cozy.  Tucking everyone in with their Lovies has become a nighttime ritual that we all look forward to.  It's a nice end to the evening routine and helps everyone get some sleep!!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Almost as much fun as California...

My parents were supposed to go away this week to a spa and resort in San Diego. My dad was going to be taking a class for work and mom was going along to enjoy a break from winter!
Unfortunately because of the bad economy and some stress at work, the trip was canceled! Bummer!! So the boys and I consoled Stregga by spending the day with her. And we kept her busy folding basket after basket of laundry!!

I don't know if it's because we have twins or if there is magic happening, but our laundry baskets are ALWAYS full!! It's like a never ending fountain of clothing!!

I usually do laundry on Monday and Thursdays for the most part. Then Hubby or I will throw in random loads here and there. The problem is the folding and putting away. Sometimes I fold them right away but then the boys will be napping so I can't put them away. Other times we just pile one load on top of the other. That is what happened this week. I felt like I was drowning in the sea of clothes piling up in my room. So Stregga took pity on my and came over to fold and fold and fold...and put away!!

She even cleaned my bedroom and dusted- WOO HOO!!
And the boys entertained us with their funny antics!

I don't know, but I think Stregga would agree that it was by far better than relaxing by the pool at some swanky resort in sunny California!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Clean Up, Everbody Do Your Share...

Our house has gotten overrun with toys. Big toys, little toys, plastic toys, noisy toys, learning toys, musical toys...too many toys!!! Right before the holidays we did a major clean up and gave some toys away. Well, 2 months later here we are again with more toys than 2 humans could ever play with. Lately, I have been feeling so claustrophobic, like our tiny house is closing in on me. When I go into the playroom I feel my chest tighten when I look around at the mess.

Before I had children I used to swear that I would NEVER let my kids have so much junk! My nephew used to tease me and say "what are your kids going to play with cardboard boxes?" And I used to say "YES!" I pictured simplicity. But, I gave in to consumerism. I went overboard. At Christmas time I was insane, I was more excited than they were and I do love all of the fun things we have. But, I feel like they don't appreciate it because there is too much. SO I am not saying I need to throw everything away, just shuffle and rotate them a bit. And pass on what we don't need or use anymore.

So today I had enough. I reached my limit! And I didn't get there quietly. I started off just moving things around, then I started loading baskets of toys and trucks and junk and moving it to the garage. As I was doing this, the boys were following after me taking things out of bins and dumping the baskets I just re-organized.

I lost it, completely lost my mind! Luckily Hubby was home and came downstairs to the playroom and started loading up garbage bags and helped get the chaos under control!

Now we have less toys and more room to play, YEAH!!! We have baskets for cars, for people, for cooking supplies, for musical toys. We put puzzles and large building blocks and a pop up tunnel in the closet. We organized the Book Nook. And you can actually see the train table now!!!

We parted with more toys than the boys would have liked, but they will get over it. Luccio went out with Daddy for the afternoon and Cenzo went over to Stregga and Papa's. By the time they see the cleaned up playroom tomorrow all they will know is they can see their toys and the floor!! Hopefully they won't remember what is missing. And will enjoy what they have!!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Don't wear your size on the outside...

I've been so sick of winter and feeling blah. So I was excited to get out this A.M. for some shopping time. Hubby had the boys entertained so off I went.

I headed to a local children's clothing store to check out their winter clearance sale. I hit the jackpot!! All of the fall and winter clothes were 70% off and the summer clothes were 90% off!! WOO HOO!! So, if you are mathematically challenged like me that means the sale prices for 70% off clothing was $5-$7 and the 90% clothes were $1-$2!!! Now that is a sale! I basically bought two of everything item in the boys' sizes. I am trying 3T for summer and 4T for fall. I figure if its too big then I can just use them the following year.

Next I decided to stop by Fashion Bug because I wanted a new scarf. I have been feeling so frumpy and fat lately that it's ridiculous. I figured maybe a cute scarf would hide all that. Well, they didn't have scarves, but the sale going on was 55% off clearance prices! SO, since I didn't have the kids with me I grabbed armfuls of clothes and tried on tons of shirts. I found quite a few I liked!

I bought a big pile of shirts and even got 2 new bras. I cannot even tell you how old my current one is. But, it has seen better days. One side of the underwire has been missing for months. It fell out in the dryer never to be seen again. On some people that wouldn't be a big deal, but when your BBs need their own zip code like mine do, underwire is essential!!!!!

Normally I avoid buying clothes for myself because nothing fits quite like it used to and it's so much more fun to buy for the boys. Plus, I always feel super guilty spending money on myself!

But, today I was dressed so bad I just couldn't take it. I was wearing maternity jeans (from when I was pregnant 30 months ago!!) and a shirt that I normally wear to bed, but it was the only clean thing that fit.

Needless to say its been awhile since I treated myself to a new wardrobe. I noticed the sizes run differently these days. I had to buy much larger sizes that I used to. it the winter weight or did they start changing the number system?? LOL!!!

Either way, they fit! So I was happy. And like my mother in law says "don't wear your size on the outside, dress in what flatters your body."

I wasn't brave enough to try on jeans. So I will be sticking with my fave maternity ones, but don't tell anyone!!!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Mommy Too Big

Today, I dropped the boys off for a class on their own for the first time!! We have been going to a toddler gym class together for about a year now. And this semester they are offering a class for 2-3 yr. olds called "Crafty Climbers." The kids have free play time on the gym equipment, organized activity, make a craft and have snack all in 90 minutes. I debated a bit if the boys were ready or if I was for such a big step. I decided it would be good for them on many levels. First of all because they are with me so much, I thought a break for all of us would be nice. I think the structure of a class would be good for them. they will get a chance to play with friends and follow directions from a different adult for a change. And prepare them a bit for preschool which will be coming in the fall.

Luccio loves going to the gym and could care less if I go or not. He is fairly agreeable and easy going when it comes to stuff like that. Vincenzo on the other hand is a Nervous Nellie like me. So I started 2 or 3 weeks ago preparing him for the fact that he was going to "school." I told him he was going with Luccio and they were going to play and have activity and snack. So he said "Mommy come too." I told him I couldn't because I was too big and its for kids. Well, he latched onto that idea and for the past 2 weeks he has been telling everyone, "Mommy too big." Most people have no idea what he is talking about and think he is just referencing my hefty weight gain. Its not great for my self esteem to hear over and over, "Mommy too big." But, it got the point across to my 2 year old.

So today I brought the boys in to "school" and Cenzo repeated over and over his mantra "Mommy too big" as we drove. When we arrived he was ready to go. We took off their jackets and shoes and Luccio ran into the gym without a look back. Cenzo came up to me and with a shy look waited to see what he should do. He said one last "Mommy too big, I stay with Luccio. Mommy get coffee." Then we did our 2 kisses and a high five and he smiled and ran off!!

No drama, no tears. Big boys going to class, WOW!! It was gratifying!! And I got so much done in that hour! I visited 2 preschools, shopped at the Parent-teacher Store and got my coffee. And I still was 15 mins. early for pick-up! When I arrived the door what closed but I could still hear Cenzo's loud voice yapping away! LOL! And it sounded like a lot of laughter going on so I was relieved!

When the teacher came out and addressed those of us waiting Mamas it felt like it was grading time for us! We all began asking her questions immediately. She started with one mom telling her that her son lead the pack, another 2 she told that their sons had some tantrums but straightened up their act as time went on and ended up really enjoying themselves. One mom had left her little boy in tears so she was already feeling worried and the teacher confirmed her worst fears that D. was the saddest in the class, awwww, poor little guy and poor mom! I wanted to hug her. Then it was my turn. She said my Little Bear puts his foot down and wants what he wants when he wants it. He was screaming at her at open point so she had to remind him to use his words! OMG!! She went on to other moms. Then I asked her, well what about Cenzo? "He was perfect!" she said. Sigh of relief because he was the one I had been anxious about.

Then the line of kids came out and mass chaos ensued. The boys were carrying monkey magnets that they had made. Luccio saw me and came running, he was showing me his craft and yelling, "I did it! I did It!!!" They were so proud of themselves and their crafts!! I was almost in tears at that point because they were so adorable!

As we put their shoes on, Luccio lost his monkey magnet. We searched and couldn't find it. So we sadly had to leave without it.

Once we got home they went straight for a nap and slept 4 hours! When they got up Hubby was home so the boys told him about school. The only clear phrase was "Mommy too big!"

Then my parents called and talked to them on speaker phone and asked the boys about school. And of course Cenzo told them, "Mommy too big."

Ahh, great! But, my goodness I am proud of these boys. Even my little Bear and his impatience, LOL!!

Oh and by the way, when I changed into my jammies I found the monkey magnet, it had fallen down my shirt.

So, if I monkey magnet can get lost in my shirt and I can't feel it, then I have to agree, "Mommy too big!!"

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Mother of Boys

Well, we had an interesting Sunday.
It started with Luccio waking up at 5:30 am, ugh!!
I am NOT a morning person at all.
Before 7 am is still nighttime to me.
I convinced him to stay in his bed until 6:30and then I dragged my self out to the couch.
It was Hubby's day to sleep in so I tried my best to wrangle the boys and keep them quiet,
no small feat.

Then Hubby took Cenzo to get his haircut. The poor kid had been asking for a haircut for 3 weeks now! Don't ask me how a 2 yr old knows when his hair needs a new do', but he does!
He left looking like my little baby and came home looking like a little man.
A handsome little man though!
We finally got both boys sleeping and I ran to my bed to nap. Then the doorbell rang! UGH!
I am sure most people with small children can relate to the fact that
we consider naptime sacred.

Doorbell ringing is unacceptable!!
However it was a very nice neighbor dropping off cupcakes for the boys
so I couldn't stay too mad!
Especially since the boys were still sleeping.
I quickly ate a cupcake and ran back to back to bed!
I never ended up really napping because a cycle of phone calls was coming in.
But, I rested.
Then Hubby headed to his Dad's for a Super Bowl Party.
And my Dad came over to pick up Luccio for a Guy's Outing!
So Luccio and Papa headed off to Barnes & Noble and the Mall!

Cenzo and I spent the afternoon playing with cars and Mickey Mouse characters.

A few hours later when Luccio got home we had dinner and decided to that
since Daddy was off having Guy's Night,
we would have a party of our own.

Now as a Mother of Boys,
I was left home to watch the Super Bowl football game with the little guys.
As many people can attest I am not a Sporty Girl to say the least.
In fact, the most football I have seen was in the movie Varsity Blues starring the guy from Dawson's Creek. So, needless to say the boys didn't get a real rundown of the game.
But, we put the Super Bowl on for background noise as we played a game of nerfball!!
There was running and cheering just like in Varsity Blues!!
And Cenzo actually got really into watching the game on TV for a few minutes
and tried to do some of the moves..

Luccio on the other hand
thought resting on the couch with toys
was better idea!

Like mother like son!!!