Monday, September 28, 2009

Pumpkin Picking

Hubby had the day off today so we decided to go pumpkin picking at a local farm. It is the first week that the farm is open for pumpkins, but I wanted to get started early this season because I wasn't sure how long I will be able to move around and do fun activities with the boys. I am so glad we went when we did! It was a nice day for it! And I quickly realized I wouldn't be making it to the pumpkin patch much farther into the fall. We were only there for an hour and I could barely walk. I started having contractions every 3 minutes, ughh! I was able to look at pumpkins and take a hayride with the boys. Then I just sat on a bench while Hubby and the boys picked out their pumpkins. they had a blast, running all around and going from pumpkin to pumpkin!! It was so cute to watch and so much fun being outdoors with them. We finally called it a day and headed home when Cenzo wet his pants! I came home and got right into bed. Resting, drinking water and having a yummy dinner cooked by Hubby has helped the contractions ease up. Now they are less frequent, maybe 20 minutes apart and much more tolerable. I think I will be postponing any further activities that include walking until after Bean is born, LOL!! In the meantime I am glad I spent the day with all my guys and we got some fabulous pictures!!!

A Visit With Kellie

For the first 2 years of the boys' lives, Kellie was their nurse. She began coming to our house the day after the boys came home from the hospital because they were premature and because of Luccio's medical conditions. As the boys grew strong and healthy, Kellie was there for support to our family. She was a nurse, a nutritionalist, an organizer, a confidant and a good friend. Sadly, when the boys turned 2 we had to say goodbye to Kellie because our insurance company no longer felt it was necessary for Luccio to have weekly nursing visits. It was quite a shock to me to be left to my own device making medical decisions and judgement calls regarding Luccio's health. But, I quickly found, that Kellie had been a fantastic teacher as well as nurse. Going into that winter without her assistance I felt confident that I was able to diagnose an earache or allergies versus a flu or something more serious. They boys and I missed our weekly visits with Kellie, but luckily we have kept in touch and get to update her on a regular basis. Today we were fortunate to have a visit with Kellie. The boys haven't seen her in months, but remembered their friend and were so excited to see her!! Some people come into our lives for just a moment not really making an impression, but others stay long enough to have profound impact that lasts. We are fortunate enough as a family to have had Kellie in our lives and continue to benefit from all that she taught us along the way! I will always be grateful to her for helping our boys get the best possible start in life.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Celebrating Baby Bean

Yesterday Stregga hosted a Baby Shower for me! Our family and friends helped us celebrate the upcoming arrival of The Bean!! My Dad spent 2 days cleaning and decorating the yard and it looked incredible!!! Dozens of pink and white roses (24 dozen to be exact!!) decorated the tables. And it was a perfect Fall day to have an outdoor party!!! Stregga really outdid herself making yummy stuffed shells, mmmm!!! And my Aunt Grace brought my favorite berries and cream cake from a local bakery that I love!!

I could not believe how generous everyone was in showering me with baby gifts. I opened presents for an hour!!! At one point I stopped to ask if anyone needed refreshments because I felt guilty having them all sit there watching me dig into gift and after gift!! LOL! I got TONS of outfits for Bean, lots and lots of pink clothes!! Everything from onesies to party dresses in all sizes from 0-3 months all the way up to 24 months! I won't have to buy her clothes or shoes for the first 2 years!! We are also all stocked up on diapers, wipes and bath supplies!

Stregga bought us a beautiful pink and brown carseat and an organic cotton mattress! And Grandma crocheted the most adorable hats, sweaters and blankets!!! Also, each grandmother filled big baskets and boxes with so many clothes, blankets, and burp cloths and headbands!

One of my aunts gave me a gorgeous Moses Basket and my Goddaughter gave the baby a tiny pink cowgirl hat and boots that will be so cute on her!!!

We loaded all of our goodies into my Mom Mobile and pile them into Bean's room. Stregga promised to come over to help me organize it all. It is probably going to take all week!!

It was soooooo much fun!! I had such a perfect day and each and every person there made it so special!!

The Big Brothers made their appearance as the present opening was winding down and they really enjoyed looking through all the special gifts people brought for their sister. I was shocked I must admit that they didn't; once ask if anything was for them. And this morning when they got up and saw all the new stuff again, they commented on all of "Baby Bean's packages" without a hint of jealousy. Cenzo told me he can't wait to dress her in all her new clothes, LOL!!!

I can't wait either!!!!!!! 5 weeks to go!!!

Thank you to everyone who has offered support throughout my pregnancy, it means so much to us. We have been so blessed to be surrounded with such loving family and friends!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

First Day of School

My babies started preschool this week!! they are actually attending the same nursery school that I went to as a child. But, they are having a much better experience so far!! I used to cry EVERY day for 2 years when my mom would drop me off!! Poor Stregga!!! Luckily karma has not been cruel to me and the boys run right in without so much as a glance back at me!!

Cenzo started last Thursday all by himself. Luccio was sick and couldn't go, but Cenzo insisted he was going ALONE!! And so off he went. I drove him to the school and told him I would walk him into the building. He said, "No, just drop me off!" I said well, Mommy is going to bring you and walk you in and he said, "No, your belly is too big wait in the car!" Cute kid, isn't he?? When we got there and the door to the school wasn't opened yet, he had a fit and wanted to know if I had the key! I told him we had to wait. Thankfully it was for only 5 minutes, he was so anxious to get in the building!! While we waited, he wanted to know where I was going while he was at school. So I told him I was going to get coffee and then I would be back. He said, "Oh you need your iced coffee?" Then he told me I should go shopping and buy some shirts because my belly is getting big and my shirts are too short!!!! UGHHHH! He is too much sometimes.

Finally the door opened and he ran right in. I lingered a bit where he couldn't see me, but he was so engrossed in playing with the toys he wouldn't have noticed even if I was right in front of him!

This week, Luccio went to school too, since he was feeling better. He didn't seem to mind me walking in the building with them as much as Cenzo did. But, he complained that his backpack was "too heavy." And then he refused to take off his backpack once he got into the classroom, Go figure! He ran right to the classroom too. But, at least he did look back. As I was walking out, he caught my eye and I waved to him. He ran back for "kisses!!" And then took off again.

They were both thrilled to show me their artwork when I picked them up! And they couldn't wait to go back again in a couple days.

Luckily the next drop off went just as smoothly. The first and second day some of the other kids were crying and one was even screaming. I pitied the moms and remembered being that kid.

Some moms were teary eyed too, but I just kept thinking "2 whole hours alone!!!" And I raced home to enjoy my free time.

I got so much accomplished! I cleaned the bathroom, organized the linen closet, did 2 loads f laundry and wrote out thank you notes! It was fantastic!!!! Too bad preschool is only twice a week, LOL!!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Belly Pics- 31 Weeks

Well, I finally got around to taking pictures of my belly. It took 31 weeks to get to it, but here they are. And let me warn you they are not for the faint of heart, it is a BIG belly, LOL!!!!!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Big Bean

Yesterday I had my routine (now bi-weekly) OB visit. I saw a new doc, he is actually doing his Fellowship with my Maternal Fetal Specialists group. So I had talked to him on the phone for on-call questions, but never met him in person. He was such a sweetie. The first of all the docs to ask me what we planned to name the baby. He even offered some opinions and suggestions when I explained we are still undecided. Too funny! He also asked when I wanted my c-section scheduled for. I have been wanting to get the date set for weeks now but kept being told I had to wait until it got closer, but he said he would call around and see what can be done.

Within 5 minutes I had a date booked, October 27th!!! WOO HOO!! It is a Tuesday which is great. If all goes according to plan (which it rarely does, but I am hoping) then I will have an amnio on Monday the 26th to make sure Bean's lungs are developed, since I will be 37 weeks. There is a 99 percent chance that her lungs will be fine. If so, the c-section will be the next day. Some people are wondering why I would deliver at 37 weeks. Well, last time I had developed pre-eclampsia with the boys and my c-section had to be done as an emergency. In subsequent pregnancies the pre-eclampsia tends to come on later, but faster. So to avoid such complications that I had last time we are going to try to deliver at 37 weeks. Considering the boys were born at 32 weeks, it seems like I will be VERY pregnant by 37 weeks, LOL! I guess it's all perspective!

Anyway, the rest of the visit went well. So far I have gained 11 pounds and in the last 2 weeks haven't gained at all. I was happy about that. My blood pressure is good and my sugar levels have been great.

BUT... my belly is now measuring 8 weeks ahead!!!!! So instead of 30 weeks as it should, I measured 38 weeks. I had an NST done and the baby's hear rate was great. They also did a, ultrasound to check the fluid level and the fluid hasn't changed. Still higher than it should be, but not higher than it was last week.

SO- the next guess is that this is a big baby!! I have a "growth scan" scheduled for Friday to find out an estimate of her size. But, the nurse that did the quick scan yesterday said that if she were to "guess" based on her years of experience, she thought Bean looked like a baby who is about 34-35 weeks gestationally and weighing close to 5 pounds already!! Oh my!!! I can't wait to find out this week how accurate that guess it. And the nurse did explain that the extra fluid can make the baby appear bigger, but you should have seen how big her belly and legs are!! And she has hair already, it was all sticking up, so cute!!!!

So it seems my "Bean" may actually be closer in size to a small watermelon!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

They're Three!!!

Labor Day weekend, three years ago, my beautiful boys made their entrance into the world and changed my life forever!! Until I became a mother I couldn't fully comprehend unconditional love. These boys have taught me what love truly is. I cannot get over how handsome and smart and amazing they are. Each day they surprise me with the knowledge they have attained, they are like sponges and pick up on everything going on around them!!

They have grown so much over these 3 years! At birth Vincenzo was 3 pounds 14 oz. and 17 1/2 inches long. At his doctor visit last week he weighed 39. 4 pounds and measured 38 1/2 inches!!!
Luccio, birth 2 minutes alter, weighed 4 pounds 14 oz and was also 17 1/2 inches long. At his 3 year visit he weighed 35 pounds and measured 34 inches tall.

We spent just about the whole week celebrating the birthday, LOL!! We talked about it pretty much all summer. We were planning a Mickey Mouse themed birthday party to be held at Stregga and Papa's house. They have big back yard which was perfect for inviting family and friends and having a bounce house!! We ordered paper goods and stuffed Mickey dolls to give to their friends. We had pizza and cake ordered, it was going to be a great day! Well...2 days before the big party a hurricane started moving up the coast and brought LOTS of rain and wind to our area. SO, we quickly went with a back plan that included an indoor location. We couldn't really fit 50 people (20 children between the ages of 2-12) into Stregga's house.

We moved the party to a local "bounce barn." It's basically a giant warehouse filled with inflatable bounce houses, slides, and mazes!! They have a party room and a coordinator so all we had to do was show up. It was fantastic!! They kids (and parents) had so much fun!!!!!!

On their actual birthday we celebrated by going to Chuck E Cheese with Stregga and Nonni. As the day went on we added more people to our group. Zhaz ended up coming with her 2 girls and my friend Sheri came with her toddler twins. and cousin Alice stopped by for a little while. It was great, we had pizza and I brought individual size cakes for the boys that we all shared!!

And then, the next day we visited Auntie Grace. She wasn't able to come to either of the other parties because she had to work, but she wanted to help the boys celebrate so she invited us to a Birthday Breakfast at her house. She made yummy quiches and carrot muffins and the boys had cupcakes!!

So much celebrating!!! It was fabulous!! The boys really enjoyed it and so did I. It reminded me of how exciting it was when they were born. All the anticipation and then their arrival!! I remember being overwhelmed with emotion, not knowing who to look at or hold first! They are so different and yet have that bond of brotherhood!

We have been so blessed!!! Happy Birthday babies!! May all your wishes come true!