Saturday, June 26, 2010

One (or 2) With Nature

So in the beginning, Potty Training Luccio was every bit the nightmare I expected. Load after load of laundry included wet sheets and countless pairs of underwear for days. However, one week later he just about Mastered The Bathrooming!! Yeah!!!! He was a bit resistant to using the Big Potty at first (for #2) so we brought in the Little Potty that we usually leave in the car. He had a breakthrough moment last week at Stregga and Papa's house. We were outside and the kids were palying and Luccio requested using his Little Potty near the trees. He had seen his friend James using the tree to pee the week before. He thought that was a bit too much for him, but liked the idea of the potty near the trees. I was eager to help facilitate whatever progress he could make so I ran to the car and got Little Potty and parked near his tree of choice. And then I begged and pleaded with his brother to leave him alone for 5 minutes so he could relax!

Well, Mr. Bear sat and sat and sat...just like Prudence from his favorite Potty Book. He looked around, he listened to the birds. He sat there for a loooong time. Then all of a sudden I heard him whistling to get my attention. Let me tell you, a whistling Bear on his potty is quite the scene, but I kept my composure and "closed my eyes" as he requested so I could see the SURPRISE he made for me. OMG!! It was a full potty, let's just leave it at that!

He insisted on showing the surprise to Papa too!!! So he called my Dad over and had him close his eyes to reveal the BIG surprise!!!! Happy Father's Day Papa, LOL!!!!!

Being surrounded by nature helped and being left alone for more than 3 seconds without his brother pestering him was beneficial!! After that day The Bear is potty trained!!!! WOO HOO!!!!

I know this is the type of post that gives Mommy Bloggers a bad name, but I had to tell the tale of Luccio's Potty Plight because I am proud of him and he is proud of himself! As crazy as it sounds it is an achievement & milestone for both of us!! I have taught another human being how to pee and poop into a specified container!! No more diapers! Babyhood is over. Its sad, but FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!

In 20 years when he discovers this story I am sure he will be unhappy that I detailed it in cyberspace, but oh well!!

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  1. YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    No more evil Pull-ups!! LOL
    I'm so proud of both of you this is a big achievment