Monday, March 16, 2009

Trip to Disney

Yesterday we loaded up the Mom Mobile and headed to Disney!  Everyone was very excited and eagerly chatted as we set out on our adventure!  We were prepared with snacks and drinks and toys and our new Elmo Live CD to entertain us.  And off we went...

No, we didn't drive the 20 some odd hours to Florida's Disney World.  And we didn't drive the 3-5 days across the country to California's Disney Land.  Instead, we drove about 40 minutes to the nearest  

By the squeals of excitement from our boys you would never have known the difference!!

There was a gigantic Mickey Mouse cardboard cutout at the door that they just couldn't get over.  And the experience was complete with the Disney Castle and Characters too!  Luccio ran all over the store looking for anything CARS related.  And Cenzo scooped up as many Minnie's as his little arms could hold.  We tried on hats, too pictures, and had a blast laughing and playing.

And after about 30 minutes, we put everything back on the shelves and said goodbye to the Castle and Characters and headed home.  

The price of our Disney Adventure:

Gas: approx. $8
Food: $11 for Dunkin Donuts coffee and sandwiches
Hotel: 0
Souvenirs: 0
The smiles on their faces: PRICELESS!!!


  1. Love it. Go check out my blog... Carie and I gave you an award (she did first, but I did second!!)

  2. This is too funny! I love when the kids are easy to please.

  3. I LOVE that kind of trip. You dont end up exhausted and/or broke!