Sunday, June 28, 2009

Beach Day

On Friday I had planned to go to the beach with a friend and our kids. Well the night before she canceled. I was bummed, I had been talking it up to the boys all week. Cenzo kind of understood that "beach" meant sand and water. Luccio wasn't sure, so every building he saw all week, he kept asking, "is that the beach?" And all week they kept asking if they could bring various toys with them to the beach, the toys ranged from bath tub type stuff to tractors to dolls. They wanted to bring it all!

Luckily, Hubby was up for a beach trip too, so we decided to go ahead as planned. The weathermen (the only professionals paid to be wrong) had predicted all week that Friday we would have a break from the rain and it would be 85 and sunny. Needless to say we woke up to gray skies and threats of thunderstorms. But, on we went to the beach!!

The ride to the shore was just over an hour and the boys talked the ENTIRE way!! They were so excited!! When we got there, it was cloudy and chilly. But, that didn't stop us. We just put on our sweatshirts and set up our beach site. The boys dug into the sand like old pros!! We sat for a long time just watching them build sand castles and dump sand everywhere, before they realized there was water in front of them.

The first to venture to the water was Luccio, our Merman. He loved it!! He didn't care that it was freezing cold water or that the waves were choppy because of the coming storm. Even the rain that eventually hit us didn't impact his fun either way.

dipped his toes into the icy water and decided it was more fun to build sand castles by the blanket. He also was not impressed with the waves and wanted to know, "who is doing that?? Who make that happen?" Hubby tired to explain moon energy etc, but I simply said "God" and that satisfied him enough to continue on his merry way!

There were only 2 other families at the beach that morning and when the rain started they quickly packed up. Hubby and I knew it would take ages to pack up all our stuff and get to the car, so we waited it out and eventually it stopped raining and the sun came out!!!
Sunshine at the beach!!! It was fantastic!! Maybe those weathermen aren't so bad after all! We stayed another 2 hours!!

I love beach days and summer, the best of life!!!! And sharing it with these little boys makes it all the better!!

Hangin' Tough

Last week, I went to the NKOTB concert with a my friend, Vivid. What a blast from the past!! The last time I had seen the New Kids On The Block, I was 14 years old!! Well, I have to say 20 years later, they are better than ever!!!!!! Jordan Knight is hotter than ever and can still hit the high notes!! Donnie went a bit downhill, he is like the bad boy that never grew up and turned into a bit of a "loser." But, he is still funny!! The chemistry the group has is amazing and their energy filled the arena!!

It was the first mother/daughter concert for Bean and I!!! I think she liked it too, she was moving and squirming a lot!! At one point it was so loud, my chair was vibrating and I was worried it would affect Bean's hearing. But, this week she has been responding when she hears her brothers or our cat, Spooky, so I think she is ok!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Identity Crisis

Ya know the song, "John, Jacob, JingleHeimer, Smith...His Name is My Name too?" Well yesterday at the park we had a similar identity issue!

A ray of sunshine FINALLY peeked out from behind the clouds so we hastily packed the boys into the car and rushed to the park for fresh air!!

Normally the park I take them to has a small, quiet crowd.

Well, yesterday it was THE place to be, everyone was there, tons of kids.

The boys were so excited to see other kids!! Cenzo was practically jumping out of the car and asking if he could say hello to the kids and meet friends, and blah, blah!!

I assured him he could talk to everyone just as soon as his seatbelt was off.

Since Hubby came with us, I got to sit on a bench and observe the playground activities.

Fantastic!! I love summer vacation!!

Anyway, the boys climbed to the top of the playscape and met a few girls who were about 10 years old. I could hear the girls to them. One of them said "Oh, they must be brothers, they are wearing the same braclet."

Then she asked them their names. I heard Cenzo say, "I Cenzo."

And then Luccio said, "I Cenzo." So the girl said, "Oh they have the same name!"

I was cracking up!!

Later, a little boy asked Luccio his name and he said, "Cenzo." So the boy said, "Hi Cenzo."

I was still laughing, but now I am worried. Does Luccio not know his name??

Does he really think he is Cenzo too??? Hmmmmm......

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Poop Prize

Warning TMI: gross and stinky details included:

I am awarding Hubby with the Father of the Year Award for 2009!! He has earned this honor over and over throughout the year, but most especially last evening when we were driving home from a Graduation Party and we had a request from Cenzo that he needed Potty Time right away. Hubby was a quick thinker and pulled over at a gas station and took out our portable potty chair for Cenzo. He patiently waited while Cenzo made the biggest poop of his life in the little bowl. Hubby withstood the stink and kept a smile on as he cleaned Cenzo up. Then he graciously dumped the prize winning poop into a garbage can and we took off before anyone noticed!!!

We drove home with all windows down, woo hoo!!!!

Luckily Hubby was with us because I am not good with the whole poop clean up duty especially now that I am pregnant and every scent makes me sick, ughhhh!!

I should of course say Hubby has earned his award with more than just poop clean up. He works really hard to support our little family and after a long day of teaching he comes home to play with the kids, make dinner, give baths and help get the boys to bed. On the weekends he gets up early with them, makes breakfast, does laundry and entertains them while I relax, clean or go out shopping. He enjoys his time with the boys either playing or snuggling and they LOVE him so much!!!!!

Happy Father's Day Hubby!!!

And Happy Father's Day to my own Dad, the original Fantastic Father of the Year!

And to all Dads!! You deserve the very best, enjoy your day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Bean Report 18 Weeks

Sorry I left my last post up so long, it's been a crazy week!! I was so stressed at the beginning of the week because I had gotten a call from my doctor regarding my Quad Screen. They always say that they will not call with normal results so when I saw the number on my caller id I panicked.

Basically the call was to tell me that one of my tests results was elevated. Its the AFP level which is a screening for Neural Tube Defects (NTD). A number under 2 is considered normal. My level was 1.1, well within the limit so I thought I was all set, but the nurse said that because one of my sons had a NTD the criteria is stricter and they want that number to be under .95 so I was slightly above. My doctor got on the phone and tried to reassure me. He said we already knew going into this that I was at an elevated risk and the test was just to make sure they looked closely at the ultrasound, so really nothing had changed because that was the plan anyway. I felt a little better but couldn't shake that "what if" feeling for days.

And last Sunday I had gone to a Baby Shower and the gift I brought was a swing, in a large box. Instead of waiting for Hubby to get home, I loaded the big box into the car myself and I felt something pull on my left side. So for the next 3 days I was feeling something that felt like contractions. Since I have a history of pre-term labor and a shortening cervix I freaked out. I called the on-call doc who basically said even if it was labor or contractions, at 18 weeks there is nothing they can do. So she suggested taking Tylenol and drinking plenty of fluids and waiting fo my appointment on Wednesday where they would check the baby and my cervix. So for 3 day I waited anxiously!! I started going through all kinds of scenarios of doom and gloom, etc.

Then FINALLY on Wednesday it was time for my ultrasound. My aunt watched the boys and Stregga came to the appointment with me. Well, it went fantastic!! Bean is still a girl and she passed all the markers with flying colors!! They measured every bone and organ and each measured exactly on target or a little ahead which is great!! And the doctor checked the "red flag" areas that would indicate a NTD and found nothing!!!!!! The brain, ventricles, spine, cerebral fluid, and abdomen all looked great and were well within the norm! THANK YOU GOD!!!!

The last step was to check my cervix. It was still measuring over 4.5 which is beyond normal, YEAH!!! The doctor thought the "spasm" I was feeling ligaments stretching. And by yesterday it stopped!!!!!

So, it was a great appointment, I feel so relieved. During my 18 week scan with the boys we already knew Luccio had enlarged brain ventricles and Cenzo had too much fluid in his kidney, so I remember leaving there wondering and worrying. To leave a Level 2 reassured and relaxed was a whole new game, this has truly been a healing pregnancy experience so far and I hope it continues!!!!!!

Friday, June 12, 2009

What's in There???

One Stop Boy Shop

Thank you Nancy for bestowing your Daily Blog Award on this post!!!

My belly is starting to get a bit more noticeable now.  So for the past few nights the boys have been sitting with me and Luccio will request to "See belly." So they talk to the baby and give kisses to my belly and rub it.  Luccio said it's "squishy",  as he pats it a little too hard!

Cenzo has minimal interest in all things related to the belly or the Bean. Sometimes he will give kisses and say "I love you" to the baby and other times he says "I can't talk about that right now."  The other night Luccio kept rubbing my belly and Cenzo said "put it away, it's bothering me, I trying to watch TV."

I told them that there is water in there and Baby Bean is swimming around.  Well, now that is all I hear about.  Luccio looks into my belly button and says, "I see it! I see water!"  And last night he said "I want that water get out of there!"  

Then Luccio asked, "are alligators in there??"

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Pregnancy Induced Hypochondria

The other day I had an OB appointment.  It went very well...the baby's heart rate was 145, my blood pressure was good, I only gained .4 since my last visit (total of 5 pounds so far) which was good.  And my doctor reviewed my cervix check from last week. He said that the average length is 4.1 and mine was 4.4 which is excellent!  He said that he is convinced it only shortened last time because I was carrying twins and that he isn't expecting it to happened again this time.  Great!!!

Therefor he said I can skip the internal checks.  Now, those of you who have had pregnancies or work in the medical field will know that an internal consists of a doctor shoving his arm up the "cho-cha" until it comes out your ears.  I was more than happy to skip this process and leave well enough alone.  Doc said that as long as my cervix length stays the same on this weeks ultrasound I can skip the next internal too.  Fantastic!!!! 

I was practically  out the door when I had to double check that it's ok to skip the internal and verify how quickly the cervix can shorten.  I don't want to get to 22 weeks and be surprised that my cervix is 100% effaced and I have started dilating like last time.  I want to be ahead of the game this time around!

Doc said they have no way of knowing how quickly the length can shorten, hmmm not reassuring.  But, that since I have not having signs of pre-term labor I'm probably fine, especially since I was just there on Friday with an excellent reading.

Hmmm, signs?  He said things like back pain, cramping, fluid leaking, pelvic pressure.  
Yeah, those things all sound extremely familiar from my last pregnancy, ughhh.  But, not this time. I am fine.

And out the door I go.  But, wait! Do I feel pelvic pressure?? Maybe I am in pre-term labor and I just didn't realize it?? Maybe my cervix is shortening and I don't know it?? I do feel pressure, don't I?? Maybe I should run back in the office and demand an internal?? No wait, that brings me back to reality.  

I went grocery shopping on the way and was very aware of "pelvic pressure" that hadn't been there prior to my appointment.  I called a good friend and fellow pregnant hypochondriac and she reassured me that it was HIGHLY unlikely that I suddenly went into pre-term labor and didn't realize it! She reminded me that last time I felt the symptoms and went immediately to my doctor's office and then to the ER.  

I felt better.  Especially since by the time I got home I was so distracted making dinner that I forgot about the pelvic pressure and didn't remember again until the next day that I didn't actually feel anything.

I think I am good for now, until my next appointment, LOL!!!!!!!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

45 Glorious Years

Last night we got together for dinner with Hubby's family to celebrate his parents 45th Wedding Anniversary!!! They have 3 children and 6 grandchildren (and 1 more on the way!)  And they are both retiring this June!! They have had many years of making memories, watching children grow up, working, building a home, summer vacations, many, many birthdays, christenings, graduations and other family celebrations together over the years, welcoming daughter-in-laws into their family and enjoying being grandparents.  

45 years is a long, long time to spend with someone.  It s a long time to know and love a person.  They are best friends and partners in everything they do.  They know each other better than anyone else in the world!! It's amazing!!  I wish them a Happy Anniversary and Happy Retirement!! I hope they get to enjoy many more glorious years together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, June 6, 2009


Well, it's confirmed, Baby Bean is a GIRL!!!!!!  I had my ultrasound yesterday.  I was there to have a "cervix length check."  But, they also did a quick scan of the baby.  I asked the tech while she was poking around could she tell the gender.  She asked what my sons thought the baby is.  She said young siblings are correct in their guesses more than 90% of the time.  I told her that the boys both think the baby is a girl and I had taken an at home test that gave results also.  She had never heard of the Intelligender test and was as excited as I was to see if it was true.

Luckily the baby was in a great position for gender spotting.  I asked if she was at least 90% sure and the tech said she was 100% positive it's a girl!! I was so excited! I was crying like a loon.  I left that appointment and went straight to Babies R US and bought dresses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And as a side note, my cervix is great! The doc that checked it said the length is perfect and she thinks it only shortened in my last pregnancy because it was twins.  I hope she is right!!! They will continue monitoring it each week until I get to 24 weeks, so we will see! Cautiously optimistic for an uneventful pregnancy!!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Boy Who Cried Wolf...

The boys are in this phase where they think having boo-boos is exciting, they know it gets them attention and they like it! So... Cenzo has this beauty mark on his arm that Stregga thought was a tick, we overreacted "slightly" and examined it closely. Now he refers to it as his boo-boo and insists it needs lots of kisses. Luccio sees that and remembers that 3 weeks ago he cut his lip on a plastic whistle. So of course it still counts as a boo-boo and also needs attention.

It doesn't stop at boo-boos...Hubby had the hiccups the other night and that was all the talk the next day. Both boys spent all day yesterday "having hiccups." We went shopping with Nonni and they told her all about how Mama had to go bye bye and they had "Guy's Night" with Daddy and how Daddy got the hiccups. They had to show her they have the hiccups too! They also had to tell everyone we met at Toys R Us and the park!!!

Then we went out to dinner with friends last night. Since they also have a 2 year old, we went to China Buffet, the best place on earth to take toddlers for dinner!! The boys of course hiccuped for thier friend James.

But, the worst was when I let them have Jell-O. My friend said, make sure you cut it up so they don't choke. So of course, while eating his Jell-O, Cenzo had to pretend he was choking. I told him to stop "crying Wolf." The fake choking stopped and dinner continued.

Now, I have said that wolf phrase to him before and reminded him that the wolf ate the boy (probably not the best toddler story) But, I have never told the full story or given him details. I didn't think he really knew what that meant.

Well, what Cenzo doesn't know for fact, he makes up. So later when we got in the car, he says "so the boy cried wolf and he died?"

Oh my God!! How does he even know what "died" means? So I said no he didn't die, but people stopped believing him. I told them the full story of how the boy watched or the wolf and kept yelling to the people in the village that wolf was coming. The people would run to check and there would be no wolf, the boy was just pretending. Finally when the real wolf came, no one believed the boy and didn't come to see the wolf.

I left the story at that. And Cenzo said, "So the boy cried wolf and died?" UGH!!! I said no the boy just go hurt.

Stregga happened to call on my cellphone and hears Cenzo recounting his version of the story. She said to tell him that the wolf just scared the boy. I thought, great solution put an end to the "death" part, etc.

So I tell him that Stregga said the boy didn't get hurt he just got scared.

And he said "No Stregga, not what happen, the boy cry wolf and died!"

And that is that...

Monday, June 1, 2009

The Midnight Poopers

It started last Monday, we went to Grandma and Papa's house and Cenzo had a big snack.  He was so excited to eat pears that how could I say no.  He finished a whole can.  Then he ate his brother's snack bar.  Well, 10 minutes later, Hubby arrived and brought take-out with him.  Cenzo cannot resist pasta and meatballs and so he ran to the table!  He ate two big bowls of pasta and a giant meatball.  

And then...he was complaining he had a "sick belly" and needed to poop.  So we ran to the bathroom. After a couple trips we thought he was done.  That night before bed he went again.  Then at 2 am he woke up crying that he had a bellyache and needed to poop.  And so began a week of "Night Pooping!" UGHHHH!!!

 I am very spoiled by the boys sleeping 12 hours a night.  So to wake up 5 nights in a row between 2-4 am so Cenzo could use the potty was not impressing me.  For the first 2 nights he actually did poop, the other nights he was talking and playing and being silly.  But, each night he went right back to bed.  So I wasn't sure if I should say no that he could not wake to use the bathroom? Or let him because when he starts wearing underwear I don't want him wetting the bed?  Dilemmas.  Finally on night 6 he slept through the night again! YEAH!! A whole nights sleep for everyone.

And then...last night (night 7) Luccio woke up at 3 am with a poopie diaper!! Is this another case of "Monkey see, monkey do?"  

It better end! I need to store up all of my sleep for when Bean arrives and I have to get back to being up all night again.  Oh, I don;t look forward to nighttime feedings or poopings!