Monday, October 19, 2009

Bedrest Baby

It has been an eventful week. I went to an OB appointment last Tuesday and my blood pressure was high. Over the 2 hours I was there it didn't come down so my doctor said he needed to admit me for a 24 hour observation. He said that I would also do a 24 hour urine test, which basically means you pee into a jug over the course of 24 hours and then it gives you a result of how much protein is being spilled into the urine. My doctor said if the BP came down and the protein is low enough I could go home. However, if the BP stayed up and the protein was too high it would be an official pre-eeclamnpsia diagnosis and I would have to stay in the hospital until Bean could be delivered. SO of course, I panicked for a minute. I was remembering my last pregnancy and several weeks of hospital bedrest. I told the doc I needed to go home and get the boys situated and get a bag. He agreed I coudldleave since I didn't have a headache or blurry vision but I need to be back after dinner to be admitted.

My mom was at the house with the boys. When I got home and walked in, Cenzo said. "Mama what's wrong?" I said "Nothing , why?" He insisted soemthing was wrong with me. It was so strange how he picked up a vibe that I didn't mean for him to get. I sat down with the boys and explained that I was going to sleep over at the hospital so that my docotr could check out me and Baby Bean to make sure everything is ok.

Cenzo had a million questions. He wanted to know, could he go with me? What was I going to wear to sleep? Was there a bed there? Was the doctor going to take the baby out of my belly? How was he going to get the baby out? What is the name of the tool the doctor would use to get her out?

After I explained that Stregga was going to sleep overnight with them at our house, Luccio had a few questions too. He wanted to know, could he watch a movie? And could he have chocolate milk? Once I agreed to both of those he said "Ok, bye Mama."

I ended just being in the hospital for the 24 hours. My BP came down a bit, still elevated but better. And there wasn't a very high level of protein in my urine. SO they let me come home on bedrest.

I have been resting since Tuesday and I was a bit bored of it yesterday but Hubby reminded me that in just 8 more days our Bean will be here and I will have 3 little ones to care for and will not rest again until they go to college, so that out it in perspective, LOL!!!

On Friday I had an ultrasound to check on Bean's growth and she weighs an estimated 8 pounds!!! WOW!! I reached the 36 week milestone yesterday too. SO next Tuesday the 27th is the BIG DAY-the scheduled c-section. I cannot wait to see this baby girl!!!!!!!

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  1. How different are they! Cenzo's curious about your hospital stay, Luccio, about what he'll get to do! LOL!

    I'm glad you were able to come home and rest there. I can't imagine what it would be like to have to stay on bed rest at the hospital! Actually, i can't even imagine what it would be like to be on bed rest, so my heart is feeling for you! I hope you won't get bored, antsy, or plain tired of it all! I hope it goes by QUICKLY! :-)