Thursday, July 30, 2009

Let Me Show You The Door

Yesterday, my in-laws aka Grandma and Papa, came over for a visit. They had been on vacation so the boys hadn't seen them in over a week. So needless to say they were very excited for Grandma and Papa to arrive. We talked about it all day and I had to keep reminding them the visit wouldn't be until AFTER nap.

Before summer began, we had a weekly visit scheduled with Grandma and Papa on Thursdays. They would come to our house and watch the boys and it was usually my night out and Hubby would be working etc. So the boys are used to having their special time alone with them.

Well, yesterday Hubby and I had planned to go out to dinner, but we wanted to visit for awhile first. The boys excitedly greeted Grandma and Papa and started telling them stories and opening all the surprises that had been brought back from vacation for them. Then they kept asking Hubby and I when we were leaving. I explained we wanted to visited and talk a bit first.

After the initial hellos and present opening, I wanted to show Grandma the progress on Baby Bean's room, the new bedding we bought and all the clothes we have collected so far. Cenzo decided to come into the room with us and thought it would be fun, but then he got tired of it and said, "Are you going to keep talking to grandma?" And he wanted to know when I was leaving.

When we returned to the living room, Luccio was saying goodbye. I told them we weren't quite ready yet. But, the boys couldn't wait any longer. Cenzo was frantically trying to get me to go and giving me hugs goodbye.

And Luccio finally walked over to the front door and opened it and said "Here you go MommyDaddy, see ya later!" And he ushered us out the door!


  1. LOL!!!! that's so funny! It's also extremely cute that they love their grandparents so much. Sounds like you have very active grandparents for your kids, what a gift.

  2. Grandma and Papa Look forward to our weekly visits. Their weekly
    "isms" keep us laughing all week.