Monday, September 28, 2009

A Visit With Kellie

For the first 2 years of the boys' lives, Kellie was their nurse. She began coming to our house the day after the boys came home from the hospital because they were premature and because of Luccio's medical conditions. As the boys grew strong and healthy, Kellie was there for support to our family. She was a nurse, a nutritionalist, an organizer, a confidant and a good friend. Sadly, when the boys turned 2 we had to say goodbye to Kellie because our insurance company no longer felt it was necessary for Luccio to have weekly nursing visits. It was quite a shock to me to be left to my own device making medical decisions and judgement calls regarding Luccio's health. But, I quickly found, that Kellie had been a fantastic teacher as well as nurse. Going into that winter without her assistance I felt confident that I was able to diagnose an earache or allergies versus a flu or something more serious. They boys and I missed our weekly visits with Kellie, but luckily we have kept in touch and get to update her on a regular basis. Today we were fortunate to have a visit with Kellie. The boys haven't seen her in months, but remembered their friend and were so excited to see her!! Some people come into our lives for just a moment not really making an impression, but others stay long enough to have profound impact that lasts. We are fortunate enough as a family to have had Kellie in our lives and continue to benefit from all that she taught us along the way! I will always be grateful to her for helping our boys get the best possible start in life.


  1. Love the pumpkin picture up top! How great to have such fond memories of a helping hand and friendship!

  2. What a lovely post. I'm sure you will always have a soft spot for your wonderful Kellie

  3. I miss Kellie! It was so great having her in our lives when we needed her the most. it's great that you are friends.