Thursday, March 18, 2010

Queen of the Castle

Today was Luccio's Special Day at Preschool. And it was not without the typical Bear drama. Each student can sign up for a special day. On that day, the child is the line leader, the flag holder, and has a special mat to sit on for Circle time. They can bring in a parent and a favorite toy or story and a special snack. They also wear a crown and the kids sing a song to them. It's too cute!!!

Ms. Z had prepped Luccio so he knew what Special Day was all about. Last night Hubby made Spider Man cupcakes with him. And this morning I went to school with him. We were all very excited. The morning went well.

Until we arrived in the school parking lot.

Then Luccio decided to have a meltdown. It was sparked by the fact that Isabella went to Stregga's house for the morning so I could go to school. Luccio thought the baby was coming with us and was VERY disappointed that she was not, so he cried and cried. Then a friendly mom from the group graciously offered to help me in with the kids and cupcakes etc. But, Luccio didn't want the nice Mom or ANYONE to speak to him. Great. The he fell in the parking lot and scraped his knee. When I picked him up to clean him off, I realized he also had pooped his pants. Thankfully he was wearing a Pull-Up!!! So we dropped off the cupcakes and scurried to the bathroom to "freshen" him up.

When we returned he still had a grumpy attitude, but Ms. Z and the other teachers went on with the morning business and he eventually went on to play with his friends.

When he was given his Special Day crown, that lifted his mood!! He was all smiles from that moment on. He proudly held the flag while everyone said The Pledge. He loved being line leader and he could hardly wait to share his cupcakes. He really enjoyed his day!!

Nothing was sweeter than his friends all singing the Special Day song to him!!! He was beaming!

My absolute favorite moment of the day was when Luccio was given his crown and one little friend ran up and said. "It's your special day Luccio! You are the Queen of the Castle!!!

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