Friday, April 16, 2010

Dunkin' Gambler

To say I HAVE to have my cup of Dunkin Donuts coffee to start my day is a major understatement. I switched to decaf about 5 years ago, but there is something about that coffee that helps wake me up. But, I often ask myself, why do I drink this coffee?? Half the time it either tastes awful or is mixed wrong, but still I go back for more. The other day I had a revelation...I continue to drink D&D coffee as often as possible because ONE time, ages ago, I had the PERFECT cup of coffee. It was back in the college days when I was drinking my coffee "light & sweet." Yeah, living it up in those days, LOL! There was that day about 16 years ago when my coffee was mixed just right! And I have been chasing that dream since.

Over the years I have switched to decaf, extra light, no sugar. There were even a few years, when I was on Weight Watchers, when I would have light with skim milk and no sugar, ughhh I can't even begin to tell you how gross decaf coffe with watered down milk tastes. Yet, I couldn't pass a D&D without stopping. When I fell off the Weight Watcher wagon, the only change I kept was the no sugar. And I live it up a little with French Vanilla flavoring.

No matter how many times I repeat my order at the drive-thru there are more times than not where I get a Surprise Coffee, as in "Surprise, your coffee is not mixed how you ordered it and tastes like crap." Or "surprise your coffee is not mixed like you ordered, but has so much sugar you are almost in a a coma." or the best is "surprise your coffee is mixed so yummy that it could not possibly be what you ordered." Ahhhhhh, well I keep going back. And on difficult days when my kids are draining every last ounce of my energy, I find that a little D&D is the perfect pick me up.

Gambling is in the family. My 100% Italian Grandfather often referred to the Pequots as "cousins" because in his old age he visited the Casino "fairly" often. So I think that is why I keep going back to D&D hoping that I will get that perfect cup of coffee one more time!
It has to be the thrill of the dunkin' roulette because it usually isn't the taste of the coffee, LOL!

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