Friday, February 25, 2011

Papa's Pirate Party

We celebrated Papa's Birthday with Pirate cupcakes and paint your own Pirate Ship! The boys were so excited and had been planning for weeks. They love a reason to party and they always enjoy their time with Papa! He is great about teaching them things like gardening and building and letting them use power tools. He takes them out for breakfast and lets them order chocolate chip pancakes and watch Sponge Bob. He lets them pretend to drive his car and run inside the house. He carries them both at the same time even though they weigh a ton!! He taught them how to race remote control cars and he always buys extra batteries for every loud toy they can find. Papa makes time together special and fun and they love that he is their "Buddy." So it was great to spend time celebrating together!

Papa & Princess
Stregga helping Papa party in style!
Bear & Papa
Papa wearing Prayer Shawl I made for him.

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  1. That looked like fun! =)
    PS I loooove the new background.