Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Kate Gosselin, Poor "Filthy" Mansion

I guess it wouldn't be a mother of multiples blog if I didn't have at least one post (rant) about the now infamous Gosselin family from Jon and Kate Plus 8.

I have been watching the show since the very first documentary. Actually its one of the few shows Hubby and I watch together. For those of you who may not have seen or heard of it, the Gosselins are a family of ten. Jon and Kate are the parents and they have 7 year old twin girls and 4 year old sextuplets (3 boys and 3 girls)

For the first 2 seasons I loved it! I was so motivated by Kate to get organized and feed the kids organic food and take the kids on outings and make memories, etc. etc. I thought well if Kate can do all this with 8 kids, I can certainly handle it with 2!

But, somewhere around season 3 we went from being inspired to dissecting every tantrum and fit thrown by Kate (the mother!!) She is a self-proclaimed neurotic, germaphobe. She has control issues to put it mildly. My friend Tammy has compared me to Kate on more than one occasion, I try not to take offence because I am hoping she is just comparing the fact that we both have multiples, hmmm....

Anyway, last night's episode was just too much for me to take! The Gosselins moved into their new house, mansion really!! And good for them. With 8 kids they need the space. But, Kate was so annoying. She kept saying how "filthy" the house was. How it was left in poor condition. And supposedly she spent 4 HOURS, cleaning the fridge. The entire episode centered around the "filthy" fridge. We got to see a couple glimpses of the kids, but about 25 of the 30 minute episode was Kate bitchin' about the "mildew" and "mold" in the fridge. The camera zoomed in at one point and I swear I couldn't see a trace of what she complained of. It looked like a regular fridge. This is a 1.5 million dollar home she is talking about. I have a hard time feeling sorry for her that the fridge needed a good cleaning! !

And does she realize she is on NATIONAL TELEVISION??? The people who owned that home before her are very likely to catch the episode where Kate trashed them for being disgusting homeowners!!

Now, you might wonder what the 8 kids are doing while their mother scrubs a fridge for 4 HOURS!! Well, they were off running loose in the new mansion. At one point, one of the kids was calling Kate because he was in one of the bathrooms pooping and needed to be wiped. Well Kate, try as she might, couldn't find the child because the house was "so big!" Oh, boo hoo!! So, what did Kate do? She went back to cleaning the fridge while two of the boys sat in different bathrooms waiting on the toilets for the father to finally come inside the house to find them and wipe them!! These poor little ones are being exploited on national television to put a roof over their family's head and they can't even get their butts wiped!!

She is too much! Over the years she has gone from a stay at home mom with 8 kids on a budget to a mom who claims to stay home while writing her books, doing book tours, photo shoots, television promotions etc. It is rumored that she has a chef and personal assistant. I point this out not because I think its wrong (I would totally sign up for that!!!) But, because she denies it being true and claims to her audience that she hand prepares all organic meals and has no help caring for the kids. Whatever.

I think I am over my Kate phase. She went from inspiring to annoying to downright ridiculous.
I miss the days when it was about the kids and hearing her tips on childcare and grocery shopping on a budget and seeing the logistics of getting out with that many little ones. Now I feel like I watch a 30 minute commercial for Juicy Juice, Disney, Hawaiian Resorts, Lego Land, Fischer Price toys, basically any child related product. And the Gosselin kids pop in every know and then.

Ahhhh... now that I have said my piece about that. I can move on and clean my own filthy house!


  1. I want a mansion.
    wonder what Kate thinks of the new mom with 8 babies?

  2. I was thinking that too- I wonder if the octuplets will be the next TLC family?

  3. I love this mansion. Its essential a re-start of the show. Kate has become very careful about what she says and does in the old house. Don't want to upset 'the internets'. Now in episode one she spends the duration wailing about the fridge! I love it. I can't wait to hear her complaining about the 6 car garage and the loooong walk up the driveway. Jon is lucky she didn't see the horse poo in the barn. Oh yeah, Jon, its a 'barn'. Not an 'out building'.