Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Easter

I think it speaks volumes about our culture that many people find it easier to believe that a giant, magical bunny arrives in the night with baskets full of candy for us rather than consider the possibility that a man died trying to save the world. But, to each his own. We have tried to strike a balance with our kids. We are teaching them about the life and death of Jesus in terms toddlers can understand and also embracing the spirit of Springtime traditions like egg coloring and wearing bunny ears.

Our boys are 4, they understand that in our Faith tradition Jesus came to teach people about God's love, that some people didn't like him and that he died on a cross. There are parts of the story that get sketchy and raise LOTS of questions. Lots and lots of questions, some I have never considered before. I have tried my best to answer them and just when I think I have done my best there comes a zinger to trip me up. It always comes back to how did Jesus get to Heaven? Cenzo wants to know "did he fly or was he just zoomed up?" Luccio is happy that "now our cat Spooky will have company in Heaven."

The other night we got together a few friends and their families and celebrated a Holy Thursday prayer service for the children. I met most of the group during my college years. We met in the dorms and then became close friends through the Campus Ministry.
We have kept in touch over the years and now that we are married our spouses and children have become good friends too.
Five families gathered Thursday and we have 14 children among us!! It was a bit of organized chaos. The kids took turns washing each others feet and then shared bread and juice to remember the Last Supper.

At the end of the celebration we passed a cross around and each person said what they are thankful for. Luccio was very excited when it was his turn. He picked up the cross and said, "Look Ma, it's that guy! It's Jesus like on our cross." When it was his turn he was thankful for "rockets." Vincenzo was thankful for James (our friend's son that was part of the group.) And when it was James's turn he said he was thankful for his "brother Vincenzo." That is the way our kids think of each other, as family.When it comes down to it, at the end of the day that is the best part of it all. Good friends sharing Faith. To see the next generation of our group growing up together has been such fun!

Whether you believe in Jesus, Abba, Allah, Buddha, The Easter Bunny, someone else or nothing at all, I wish you a happy, healthy Spring!! Celebrate the new life of the season and enjoy your family and friends!!

And if the magical bunny does arrive with candy for you, Enjoy!!! I plan to eat as many chocolate bunny ears and Cadbury mini eggs as possible, especially since I have heard they are calorie free on Easter.

Believe in Miracles!!!

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