Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Great Bug Hunt

Science was such a bit hit for all 3 kids on Monday, so I decided to stick with that theme throughout the week. Tuesday morning we geared up with binoculars and magnifying glasses and took our Explorer Notebooks with us for a Bug Hunt Mission. I am by no means a nature type. So walking off into the woods is not my thing. The nearby Shrine grounds is about as woodsy as I like to get, it makes me feel comfortable to know there is a snack bar for lunch and a gift shop for when we get bored of bugs. So, with that in mind off we went on our adventure. The kids and I love to visit the Shrine.There are plenty of wooded areas and paths with trees and streams, but its small enough that I know my way around and there are always people walking and visiting. When we first got there I saw something small and furry run across the path and I nearly fainted. But, I quickly reminded myself I was about 2.5 feet from the car and could always run back if we needed to. So on we went.

The kids had so much fun chasing bugs and checking everything out with the magnifying glasses. Thank God we didn't find anything too scary. Mostly ants, a couple beetles and few gorgeous butterflies. For over an hour we just sat in one spot watching ants come in and out the little sand hills they had built. I think it may have been the first time all 3 of my children have sat anywhere together for that long without seatbelts or a TV. So it was exciting. And I have to say those darn ants are interesting. How DO they built those little tunnels? And wow they are strong! We were amazed at the size of the dead things they were able to carry, other dead ants and centipedes etc. Very exciting stuff!! We tried to observe and respect nature and the bugs we found in a gentle way. But, gentle isn't exactly Isabella or Luccio's strong suit. They were a bit overzealous with the magnifying glasses and tended to smother their subjects just a bit by completely covering them with the glass and looking at them with their little faces pressed right against the ground.

After ant watching we enjoyed a yummy lunch at the snack bar and spent another hour just throwing rocks into the stream. It was so relaxing! To relax out with 3 kids, it just doesn't usually happen. But, given some water and rocks they stayed entertained and were too busy to even fight with each other. Bliss!

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