Saturday, December 8, 2012

Darth Dollhouse

Isabella was (reluctantly) sharing her dollhouse with her brothers. Cenzo and Isabella were very involved in having the dolls bake in the kitchen.  But, Darth Luccio thought it would be more fun if the dolls jumped off the roof and screamed really loud.  He was immediately reprimanded by his sister to "HUSH!" and not scare her babies. They were sleeping!  He also thought it would be great if the dolls attached a zipline from the couch and landed in the tiny kitchen, knocking over all the tiny dishes.  He was given a very stern look and a few huffs and puffs as his sister restocked the shelves.  But, the final straw came when he borrowed the nursery room's cradle and turned it into Santa's sleigh and flew it around the living room dropping out babies and the tiny presents he stole from under the dollhouse tree.  Even Cenzo could not stand for that!  Darth was asked to PLEASE go find his Bat Cave and play with that instead.


  1. Ohmygosh! I swear it took me like 20 minutes to read this post I was laughing so hard. They are so stinking adorable. I love it!!! =0)

    P.S. Your new header picture is so cute!