Sunday, July 26, 2009


The boys just returned from a sleepover at Stregga and Papa's house. This is their second time sleeping over there this week!! The first one was on Thursday night. Hubby and I went out to dinner and a show. We saw Pippin which was fantastic!!! The boys really enjoyed their time at Stregga and Papa's house so much. So yesterday when we were over there, Cenzo asked if he could stay over again. Stregga said yes and so Cenzo put his plans into motion. He wanted to play with the toys, watch a movie and sleep in "Stregga's Big Bed." He also wanted Hubby, Luccio and I to leave pronto!! But, Luccio had plans of his own and began chanting, "Stregga Big Bed!"
Hubby and I tried getting him to come home with us by telling him that he didn't have his "Wubbas." He didn't seem to care that Wubba was home, he only cared that he wanted to sleep over too. Luckily Stregg and Papa didn't mind at all. So we moved our party indoors and started putting on jammies. But, we didn't want to leave Streg and Pop in a lurch without Wubbas because we knew Luccio's tune would change at bedtime when he realized he had no pacifiers. So Hubby raced home and packed a quick bag of essentials and dropped them back off.
We are not dummies, when someone offers to keep both of our kids overnight we move into high gear to ensure that they will not change their minds, LOL!!!

I remember sleeping over my Gram and Pop's house growing up, I loved it!! Gram was way ahead of her time and had cable long before the rest of us, so there were tons of channels to watch. And her freezer was always stocked with ice cream, the yummy chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry kind that allowed you to have a scoop with all 3 flavors in one! She always had hot fudge and fig newtons too. We could stay up as late as we wanted and sleep in late in the mornings. It was so much fun to go there and just hang out. Sometimes we would play cards or board games, sometimes watch tv or play with toys.

I am so glad my boys are getting to make those memories with their own grandparents. And I am grateful for the break that it gives Hubby and I . Especially now that I am pregnant again, I am so much more tired. Its nice to know the boys are getting attention and having fun! And it is great that they are comfortable sleeping over or staying for a day with their grandparents so that when I do have the baby they can easily transition while I am in the hospital.


  1. Oh, how wonderful! I hope you enjoyed your night 'off'? LOL!

  2. I think we had as much fun as they did. i love that they ask now to stay over. I know how much dad and I loved having you and your brother stay at gram and pop's it gave us great together time!!
    I'm happy we are able to the same for you and hubby.