Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Bean Report- 20 Weeks

I had another ultrasound today. I have been going every other week and I have to say it never gets old to see that little baby!!! Today I took Hubby and the boys with me. It was a quick scan so I thought that would be a good intro for them to see the baby. They were very excited to go, but I wasn't sure if they really knew what we were doing. They knew we were going to the doctor but Cenzo kept asking if I was sick!

When we got there the tech set me up for the scan and the image was displayed on a TV monitor on the wall so the boys had a good view. They were very excited and Cenzo yelled, "Daddy do you see that baby?" Then the tech let them listen to the heartbeat and they kept saying, "That's Baby Bean!"

The tech gave us extra copies of the profile picture so that boys could each have their own which was so nice!

When we got in the car, I asked the boys what they thought. They commented on the baby "swimming in the water." Cenzo said he thought she looked like Tinkerbell and we should call her Tink. And Luccio wanted to know, "where were the alligators?"


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  1. LOL! I don't know how you can keep a straight face around those two! The thing they say!

    Thanks for sharing the picture of The Bean with us! It brings back such sweet memories!