Monday, July 20, 2009


First, we had tons of rain so June didn't feel like a summer month at all. Then Hubby finished work July 1st and the sun started shining again and then summer was in full swing before I realized it! We have been busy with beach trips, days the amusement park, visiting family and friends, cleaning out the office to create a nursery, and just life in general. It's amazing having Hubby home for the summer. He is a teacher and in the 7 years we have been together he has always worked a summer job. Luckily it has worked out so far that this summer he will be home. It is fantastic to have help with the boys and the house. Hubby has been waking up with them and staring their day with breakfast and getting them dressed. And most days he takes them outside or to the park or shopping so I get a lot of breaks! My mom is also around more during the summer and has taken the boys quite a bit for us so we can get some house projects done. And Hubby's parents both retired at the end of June so they have taken the boys to their house a couple times to have "Special Days," which has been nice!

Even though I am resting more, I am still so exhausted at night that I haven't have much energy for blogging. I have been reading my favorites blogs still, but often I am too tired to post comments! It's crazy!

But here is a short list of what is going on around here...

-We are cleaning out hubby's office. Well, actually he is. It seems that our house is not selling so we will most likely be here when the baby arrives. So Hubby will be moving his office to a space we have in our finished basement. Our house is a small ranch with 3 bedrooms. The boys share a room and the 3rd room has been the "man room"/office as well as the bedroom of our cat, Spooky. So along with Hubby, Spooky and her litter box will also relocate.

-I have picked out paint colors and a theme for Bean's nursery. The theme is the Lion and the Lamb. If you are Twilight Fan you may recognize the idea from the line "and the Lion fell in love with the Lamb." Which is actually a reference to Spencer's poem "The Fairie Queen." So we are going with the Fairie Queen idea. I found a really pretty nursery picture on Posh that is similar to the look we are trying to achieve.

-I am 23 weeks pregnant and so far my cervix is holding strong at over 4 cm. My doc was as happy with the news as I was and was hugging me after my last appointment. She said if I continue like this to 24 weeks I will be out of the risk category for incompetent cervix. She also said she wants to write "Normal" all over my chart!!! LOL!! I asked her not to jump the gun on that one just yet! But, I have less than a week until I hit that milestone so prayers please!!!!

That is all I can think of for now. But, I am hoping to get back into my blog groove, I miss it!!


  1. Prayers are yours! Hang in there and get "Normal" written all over your chart! I'm glad to see you blogging again but it sounds like you've been really busy!

    That nursery will be adorable (fellow Twilight fan here).

    I'm glad that you have so much help right now... rest! :) Take care of you and bean.

  2. I love the room idea. Let's go shopping!!!!