Thursday, August 12, 2010

Big Ideas

Yesterday I locked myself and the 3 kids out of the house AND car, ughhhh! Its always hectic getting out the door and we were on our way to pick up my nephew and then dogsit for Stregga and Papa's babies. I had the bags, the snacks, the kids, etc. But, once we slammed the house door shut behind us, I realized I had not put the car keys in my pocket, but had instead grabbed my house phone. Hmmm...I blame it on Mommy Brain sorta of like when I found the roll of paper towels in the fridge the other morning. Either way, it was hot and the kids were ready to go and no keys. So, immediately Vincenzo and Luccio started coming up with "big ideas" to help. As I dumped every bag out on the lawn searching frantically, they came up with solutions. Cenzo thought we should "use a big stick and pry the house door open." Luccio thought we should "use a water pistol and spray the door down." Both very creative ideas!! And I must admit far better ideas than my own, which was to sit on the lawn and cry.

Normally I would have called my father. He is like McGuyver and he would have come over and widdled a new key out of tree bark or taken the door off the hinges with his pocket knife. But, he and Mom were away hence the dog sitting. So instead I called my brother and sobbed my story to him, forgetting that it was his birthday AND that he was on his way to Boston to have surgery. (Yeah, I can be a bit self-absorbed at times. But, I guess that is pretty obvious since I have an entire blog dedicated to my ramblings.)

Anywhoo--Luckily my little brother had a few minutes to spare and talked me successfully through putting my library card to good use. I was pretty determined to figure out a better solution than having Hubby drive 35 minutes home and then back to work again. So Chad saved us all a lot of trouble by coming through in a pinch with some very useful skills!

The boys were a bit disappointed to not be able to use sticks or weapons to help out, but I assured them there would most likely be a next time so we could save the big ideas for then.

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