Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Papa's Papoose

The kids and I went to the Zoo with my Dad the other day. It was so much fun! They absolutely loved being with Papa! On the car ride to the Zoo, Cenzo kept saying, "I love you so much Papa." He also kept telling me that it would be okay if I wanted to stay home so they could go out with Papa without me. Stinker!!! Luckily, Luccio can always be counted on and he piped up, "I love you always Mama." Oh, my Bear! So glad I did take the ride with them. We had a great day. We walked around checking out the animals for a couple hours and then took the boys on the Carousel. Even our Little Princess loved it!! Papa carried her around in the Papoose for most of the time and she couldn't have been happier! There really isn't anything better than watching the kids enjoy themselves so thoroughly! The Zoo is small enough and we have been there often enough that they boys can easily guide themselves through it using the map you get at the entrance. They have the place memorized, but think they are reading the map. Also, there are paw prints painted throughout the Zoo so they get a kick out of trying to guess what animal left them and following the paw prints. Papa had a great time too! And he bought us the Zoo Membership so we can go back again and again.

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