Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Betch

The other day Luccio proclaimed, "Mama you're a betch!" He said it with such zeal and pride and kept on saying it. My immediate thought was "who has been talking about me in front of him??" The list of possibilities is long. Hmmm.... I wasn't sure how to address it so I did what most Moms would do (especially the betches) and I ignored it. Finally, when he said it again a few days later I realized what he meant. He came up to me and with such love said, "Mama you're a betch! You're a betch ever Mama." Hubby and I looked at each other. Luccio said again, "You're a betch ever, EVER!!"

Then it hit me and I said, "I am the BEST ever?"

"Yeah, Mama!! You are a Betch EVER!"

Oh, I love that little Bear!!


  1. LOL glad u finally figured it out

  2. LOL It sure is fun trying to decipher their kiddo language sometimes ;)