Thursday, October 21, 2010

Measuring Up

There are different degrees of friendship and over the years those relationships change and shift over and over again. But, it's a true friend that can come over for a visit and see your life in it's "natural state." Some people you may need to spend 2 days cleaning and scrubbing in preparation for their visit, others you may just run a vacuum over scuzzy floors and put on a bra. And then there are the friends that you are comfortable with and know will accept you no matter what and those poor friends get no prep time whatsoever. The Better the Friendship~The More Mess you can leave around!! Yesterday my friend Shannon came to visit. We have been friends since college. She knows me well. We only get to talk every so often and visit a couple times a year, but we always pick up right where we left off. I was excited for her visit, especially since it was the 4th night in a row that Hubby was working late and I was home alone for the dinner and bedtime routine with the kids. Reinforcements were greatly needed and much appreciated and I was so happy to have someone keep me company!! I ran around all day dropping the kids off at school, meeting up with my brother, picking up kids from school having a playdate with one of Cenzo's friends. So by 3pm when I got home with all the kids I had no energy left. By some miracle they all went for nap and I looked around at the laundry piles, dishes and overall mess and thought I really should clean before Shannon gets here. But, instead I sat on the couch and woke up an hour later when Shannon knocked on the door. I made a half hearted attempt to apologize for the smell of dirty diapers that permeated the air and the piles of kids stuff strewn about. But, Shannon assured me she didn't care and I was just tired enough to believe her. She jumped right in helping me get the kids up from nap and entertaining them while I made dinner and then we got everyone fed. After dinner, she graciously offered to entertain the Little Ones while I checked emails and took a hot bath. DELIGHTFUL!! I was so excited for that break! And the kids LOVED having time with Auntie Shan. She did puzzles with them and played with toys. And at bedtime she settled the boys down with bedtime books and stories while I put the Princess to sleep. Having the extra help was so nice and everyone slept so good!! I loved getting to chat with Shannon and catch up on her life amid all of the chaos!! I was happy that my "real life" didn't bother her. Even though though it was busy, it was relaxing too because I didn't feel pressure to entertain, I was able to just be myself and the kids were certainly comfortable enough to be themselves. Poor Shannon!!

The best part is the smell, the mess and the noise didn't scare her off. She even offered to babysit the Littles so Hubby and I can go out one night! OMG!! Friends like that are PRICELESS!!!!!


  1. Sounds like a great friend! Glad you enjoyed your visit. What I would give for a bath.......LOL! I can't remember the last time I took a bath.

  2. your so fortunate to have such a great friend!