Saturday, November 20, 2010

That's Fitting

Everyone measures weight loss milestones differently. Some people use a scale, some can tell by the way their clothes fit. For me it's the bath towel. After I had my third child, the bath towel was fitting more like a washcloth. Now that I have lost the pregnancy weight plus 20 pounds, it fits more like a hand towel. It's more comfortable for sure!! But, there is still room to lose more so that it will truly fit like a bath towel should. I feel a lot better than I did last June. Joining Weight Watchers has changed my life in a lot of ways. I am eating healthier (my whole family is), I am moving more, feeling good. I ended October with 43 pounds less that the year before. 22 of those pounds I have lost through WW, learning new tools for success and going to the meetings has helped. But, for some reason November has been tough! I have gained .6, lost 2.8, gained .8, skip 1 meeting. I feel some of it has to do with the change from summer foods to winter foods. There isn't as much variety with fresh fruits and veggies and my standby recipes are not tasting as great now that it's cold out. There is something to be said for the simple yumminess of fresh tomatoes and basil! Another piece of it has to with Hubby working more hours which means less meals together as a family and less time for me to get to my meetings. Also, I have been nursing a little less during the day and I was relying on that instead of working out to burn calories. So I need to readjust my Plan a bit!

After a .6 gain and skipping last week's meeting, I had to work really hard to make myself get out of the house for my 8 am meeting this morning. I dragged myself there and knew that the scale would be up. I felt it. And it was. I gained .8. Amazing how 8 tenths of a pound can change your entire day, life even. .8, ughh!! I was ready to give up and wallow with a peanut butter cup. But, I sat and waited for the meeting to start and read the weekly booklet about making changes. I realized how much I have changed. I have still lost and kept off 41 pounds, I am making healthier choices and feeling like I have more energy. It was good to be reminded that life is small steps and choice and doesn't have to be all or nothing. I need to focus on the Big Picture!

At the end of the meeting the Leader had us do an activity where we stuck all of our name tags together in a pile. She chose me to take the pile of tags home for the week to symbolize the support that I have of all those other people to reach my goals!! It was so thoughtful!!! I felt like it was just what I needed today to get me re-motivated! The room was buzzing with success today. One woman hit her goal weight, another hit the 10% milestone and the guy next to me lost 76 pounds so far!! I feel like if he can accomplish that great goal, I can't let him down. I will do my best to stay with my Plan this week and to stay motivated to reach my goals!!
I will enjoy the holidays with my family and friends and I will enjoy the traditional foods and festivities. And now I will have a reminder with me of all the support that I have in making healthy choices!

I feel confident that I will fit into my bath towel again one day very soon!

The WW quote of the day was:
10% of Life is what happens to me. The other 90% is what I do about it.
-author unknown-


  1. Congratulations! I think you're doing FANTASTIC!!! I'm currently on the same journey and every day is a struggle, but I have to keep going for my daughter. A friend of mine told me something that I think really helps. Measure your weight loss in everyday things and it really helps to put it in perspective. For instance, losing over 40lbs is like losing a huge bag of dog food. That's AWESOME!!! Keep going, you're doing great.
    P.S. I measure myself by how well I can wrap the towel around me too lol. Glad I'm not the only one. =)

  2. Keep going one bite at a time. I wish I kept going last year now I gained all my weight back and feel so bad about myself.

    Your doing great keep going all the hard work will be worth it.

  3. We started this together which made all the difference to me. Thanks for the awesome summertime cooking that sparked our weight loss. One of the best (and most amazing) parts was that we did this while following a season of 'Top Chef'. You'd think all the amazing food on there would have made us eat more, but really it just made me (us, I think) appreciate great food in small proportions. Regarding weight loss, for the first time I understand the lifelong aspect of it, how unhealthy I was eating before and how doing something like this with the one you love can make it soooo much better. Let's keep it going into 2011.