Friday, December 3, 2010

The Search for Baby's Mama

Since becoming a big brother, Vincenzo has been fascinated with all things related to babies. He especially loves pregnant Mamas. Whenever we go to the pediatrician's office he takes the free copies of Fit Pregnancy magazine and leafs through looking for the perfect Mama for his future babies. He is always talking about wanting to be a Daddy. He wants to have 2 girls and a boy. He is going to name them Jamie, Caleigh and Vincenzo Jr. He looks through his magazine for the biggest pregnant belly he can find and says, "that is the Mama I want for my babies." Although he has his babies named, he is worried because he doesn't know what their Mama's name will be. He has decided that the mother will be like my Aunt Zhaz because she doesn't yell at her kids and she makes great snacks. (Good criteria, but made me think hmm...guess I'm not the role model mother!")

This week he told me he would like the Mama for his babies to be a tow truck driver. When I said to him, "oh, your wife will be a tow truck driver?" He said, "No silly!! I am not going to marry her!!! She is just going to be my baby's Mama."



  1. LOL I love that boy!!
    A tow truck driver?? Guess you won't need AAA anymore

  2. Oh how funny!!! You have a silly boy on your hands!