Saturday, September 19, 2009

First Day of School

My babies started preschool this week!! they are actually attending the same nursery school that I went to as a child. But, they are having a much better experience so far!! I used to cry EVERY day for 2 years when my mom would drop me off!! Poor Stregga!!! Luckily karma has not been cruel to me and the boys run right in without so much as a glance back at me!!

Cenzo started last Thursday all by himself. Luccio was sick and couldn't go, but Cenzo insisted he was going ALONE!! And so off he went. I drove him to the school and told him I would walk him into the building. He said, "No, just drop me off!" I said well, Mommy is going to bring you and walk you in and he said, "No, your belly is too big wait in the car!" Cute kid, isn't he?? When we got there and the door to the school wasn't opened yet, he had a fit and wanted to know if I had the key! I told him we had to wait. Thankfully it was for only 5 minutes, he was so anxious to get in the building!! While we waited, he wanted to know where I was going while he was at school. So I told him I was going to get coffee and then I would be back. He said, "Oh you need your iced coffee?" Then he told me I should go shopping and buy some shirts because my belly is getting big and my shirts are too short!!!! UGHHHH! He is too much sometimes.

Finally the door opened and he ran right in. I lingered a bit where he couldn't see me, but he was so engrossed in playing with the toys he wouldn't have noticed even if I was right in front of him!

This week, Luccio went to school too, since he was feeling better. He didn't seem to mind me walking in the building with them as much as Cenzo did. But, he complained that his backpack was "too heavy." And then he refused to take off his backpack once he got into the classroom, Go figure! He ran right to the classroom too. But, at least he did look back. As I was walking out, he caught my eye and I waved to him. He ran back for "kisses!!" And then took off again.

They were both thrilled to show me their artwork when I picked them up! And they couldn't wait to go back again in a couple days.

Luckily the next drop off went just as smoothly. The first and second day some of the other kids were crying and one was even screaming. I pitied the moms and remembered being that kid.

Some moms were teary eyed too, but I just kept thinking "2 whole hours alone!!!" And I raced home to enjoy my free time.

I got so much accomplished! I cleaned the bathroom, organized the linen closet, did 2 loads f laundry and wrote out thank you notes! It was fantastic!!!! Too bad preschool is only twice a week, LOL!!!

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  1. Lord help me, the day I have to cut that umbilical chord and send my little boy to preschool! LOL!

    I can't believe how independent your boys are! And not even a tear shed! School must be fun for them. ;-)