Sunday, September 6, 2009

They're Three!!!

Labor Day weekend, three years ago, my beautiful boys made their entrance into the world and changed my life forever!! Until I became a mother I couldn't fully comprehend unconditional love. These boys have taught me what love truly is. I cannot get over how handsome and smart and amazing they are. Each day they surprise me with the knowledge they have attained, they are like sponges and pick up on everything going on around them!!

They have grown so much over these 3 years! At birth Vincenzo was 3 pounds 14 oz. and 17 1/2 inches long. At his doctor visit last week he weighed 39. 4 pounds and measured 38 1/2 inches!!!
Luccio, birth 2 minutes alter, weighed 4 pounds 14 oz and was also 17 1/2 inches long. At his 3 year visit he weighed 35 pounds and measured 34 inches tall.

We spent just about the whole week celebrating the birthday, LOL!! We talked about it pretty much all summer. We were planning a Mickey Mouse themed birthday party to be held at Stregga and Papa's house. They have big back yard which was perfect for inviting family and friends and having a bounce house!! We ordered paper goods and stuffed Mickey dolls to give to their friends. We had pizza and cake ordered, it was going to be a great day! Well...2 days before the big party a hurricane started moving up the coast and brought LOTS of rain and wind to our area. SO, we quickly went with a back plan that included an indoor location. We couldn't really fit 50 people (20 children between the ages of 2-12) into Stregga's house.

We moved the party to a local "bounce barn." It's basically a giant warehouse filled with inflatable bounce houses, slides, and mazes!! They have a party room and a coordinator so all we had to do was show up. It was fantastic!! They kids (and parents) had so much fun!!!!!!

On their actual birthday we celebrated by going to Chuck E Cheese with Stregga and Nonni. As the day went on we added more people to our group. Zhaz ended up coming with her 2 girls and my friend Sheri came with her toddler twins. and cousin Alice stopped by for a little while. It was great, we had pizza and I brought individual size cakes for the boys that we all shared!!

And then, the next day we visited Auntie Grace. She wasn't able to come to either of the other parties because she had to work, but she wanted to help the boys celebrate so she invited us to a Birthday Breakfast at her house. She made yummy quiches and carrot muffins and the boys had cupcakes!!

So much celebrating!!! It was fabulous!! The boys really enjoyed it and so did I. It reminded me of how exciting it was when they were born. All the anticipation and then their arrival!! I remember being overwhelmed with emotion, not knowing who to look at or hold first! They are so different and yet have that bond of brotherhood!

We have been so blessed!!! Happy Birthday babies!! May all your wishes come true!


  1. Awww! So, so, so sweet! Congratulations to three beautiful years with your loving little beans! Happy birthday to Cenz and Luccio! :-) I hope you all have a great celebration!

  2. Wow-- I love reading about twins at various ages. Mine are seven months and I can't imagine THREE!!! GEEZ! Congrats to ALL of you. You have such a great attitude and that's what gets us through this lunacy, isn't it??

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  3. AWWWWW!!! What a great celebration. Happy birthday to your wonderful little men!