Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Magic Moments

We set up a Fairy House in our garden. I wasn't sure how the kids would react to the idea, but they loved it. Not a moment of doubt or hesitation. They got right to work picking out the perfect spot tucked under the butterfly bush because butterfly bushes are a fairy's favorite spot to hang out. They added sparkling stones, rocks, seashells and sticks to cozy the place up. And then we waited and waited to see if any fairies would move in. I told them fairies like to have their houses in secret gardens so we may not actually see them. But, we waited and watched anyway.

When they were distracted I added some tiny dollhouse furniture to the set up. Vincenzo found it right away, he was screaming with joy at the new discovery! Luccio ran over to observe and confirmed for all of us that the fairies had definitely moved in! Isabella was right on their heels and sat in the grass staring into the tiny houses with them.

Later, my teenage nephew came over and the kids couldn't wait to show him the Fairy House. I was worried that he would make fun of them or squash their magical experience. But, I should have known better. Right away Nikko reminded them of the Magic Fairy that visits Stregga's house and leaves money in a special jar. He told them how she used to leave the money for him, but now it's for them. Vincenzo has collected money from that jar and was so excited! Nikko wondered to the boys if the Magic Fairy was related to the ones that moved into our garden? Something to ponder for sure! They were thrilled at that thought.

At that moment I sat down on a nearby chair and thought about what a magical experience I was witnessing. It didn't matter that we were all covered in dirt and mulch and sweat from gardening or that Isabella had snot dripping from her nose and had spent the morning fussing and clinging to me or that the boys had been fighting over the same toy since their eyes opened that morning. All of that faded as I sipped on my iced coffee that had been melting in the hot sun for two hours. All I could think of was how grateful I am that Hubby and I are able to make it work so that I am home to raise our family and witness moments like this. This childhood magic will dissipate soon and the world will contradict innocence and they will grow up and move on and that fairy house will be abandoned. But, now in this moment I thank God for this life and the ability to experience wonder through the eyes of my children.

And then Vincenzo leaned on Luccio and knocked him over and they started wrestling and Isabella climbed onto the heap and then chaos ensued. Ah, life is good!


  1. What a wonderful idea! I just love that.
    It really is something seeing things through their eyes. It just makes everything magical again. =)

  2. Love it!! Keep the magic going......