Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Layers Between Us

Spent last week on vacation with the family. It was fantastic and surprisingly relaxing! I even had a chance to ponder life a bit. Although with 3 kids the ponderings were not solitary and always somehow connected to the potty. I think the most profound musing I had all week resulted from one of our many visits to public restrooms with the kids. I was shuffling the boys into the stall, a tight fit for 3 people. Add some sand and wet bathing suits and it was just a joy, not to mention the floor was soaked from God knows what and there were no garbages provided so it made for interesting hand washing. Anyway there was a moment of debate between a "clean sweep" of the toilet seat using some toilet paper or lining with rows of tissue instead? Nothing is simple with twin 4 year olds and so we went round and round and finally I encouraged those who can stand, do. And do not touch anything that isn't necessary. Out of the chaos came enlightenment when the boys asked, what is on the seat that they shouldn't touch? and how is toilet paper protecting them from it?

Uh, good questions. Well nasty, gross germs from disgusting pee and poop may be on the seat. And I guess toilet paper protects you because its what everyone does.

But, seriously folks...why do we toilet paper a seat? I mean really what good can that piece of tissue do? If all that is protecting us from contracting a life or death disease is a thin piece of tissue, how safe can that be? UGH!

When I wasn't playing "The Why Game" with the boys, or wiping anyone's behind, I was actually enjoying some leisure time. It helped that my parents vacationed with us. Nothing like outnumbering the kids to make for a great trip!! We spent the days at the beach, the afternoons napping, the evenings playing mini golf, riding go carts, eating ice cream, watching the sunset. It was glorious!! I was happy to get to read some books. The boys enjoyed building sand castles and surfing, the Princess loved being outdoors. Hubby and my parents enjoyed the time to relax and play too! And along the way we got to examine some of life's greatest mysteries. Summer is the best!


  1. i think i saw something on the news once where the toliet seat actually had the LEAST amount of germs since they clean that every day. Everything around the toliet has more germs b/c they clean it less and the "splash" effect. great random least they aren't peeking under the stalls.

  2. LOL! I heard a report once that more germs were found on the tables at restaurants than the toilet seats! Ughhh And funny you should mention the peeking under the stalls, you would not believe that amount of kids I saw doing that this week! What is with that?? LOL!!

  3. guess it's tradition to put piles of paper on the seat LOl
    better than sitting on someone's splashies
    wonder if it was the same person that thought of stepping on the handle to flush that has been handed down forever. Now with the new timed flush guess we won't have to do that much longer.
    Gotta love those boys and their questions!!