Saturday, July 2, 2011

Sesame Place 2011

We went on our 2nd Annual Family vacation to Sesame Place this week. It was fantastic!! I was worried it wasn't going to be as great as last year because we had LOVED it so much. I was afraid we would go back and it wouldn't have the same magic. But, it was even better! We booked the same hotel suite which was great because the location was so close to Sesame and they provide a shuttle to and from the park. And the kitchen came in handy when we needed to make dinner etc. And the Sesame Place Park was just as great as we all remembered. We were so lucky that my good friend Steph aka "Sis" gave us the tickets to the park! What a wonderful gift!!

I couldn't believe how much the boys remembered of the trip from last year. When we arrived, they knew which pools they wanted to stop at first and where the stores were and what rides they wanted to go on. The great thing about the Park is that its small enough that you can walk the whole place in about 10 minutes. It was crowded, but there was so much to do that it didn't matter. We saw the parade twice and the Elmo's World Show. They boys volunteered to be in the show and it was hysterical. It was a Dancing Theme show so they were up there break dancing and hookie-lauing with Elmo, LOL! Luccio was so into it that he could barely contain himself, he was dancing even during the parts where he was supposed to be sitting down. The lady next to us said it, "looks like someone has Happy Feet." LOL

We spent two days at the Park, the first day we kind of bopped around seeing what the kids wanted to do. They wanted to everything at once, but then they realized we had plenty of time so they settled in and relaxed. Luccio loved the pools. He stayed in the wading pool for hours. He met lots of little kids that immediately became his best friends! And Vincenzo was really into the rides this year. So he went off with Hubby to ride the big kid rides. Luccio rode a few times with them too, even The Rocket which is really a big ride! I was a wreck, but they loved it!

Miss Isabella did very well too, she is quite the vacationer, LOL! She really liked the shows and parade, she like the little sprinkler pools and she was happy to sit in her stroller sightseeing. She even rode some big kid rides! I was worried because we went a spinning ride with her and I was so dizzy, but she loved it! She was shouting, "Woo Hoo" and laughing!
And when she was tired she climbed into her stroller and took naps.

Stregga came with us again this year too! She loves the amusement parks as much as the kids. It was nice having extra help with the kids. And the kids loved getting extra spoiled! She gave them lots special attention and packed a bag of fun stuff to play with at the hotel. She took them into the gift shops and let them pick out a gift each day. And Cenzo loved going on the Flying Elmo ride with her. Stregga was scared, so Cenzo added to her fear by pressing the button to keep the ride up high the whole time, stinker!!! He thought it was hilarious!

Hubby had a blast too. A few times Stregga and I would look around for him and the boys and he would be in a line dancing and singing Elmo tunes. Yep, that's my Sweetest!

I just loved watching the kids smiling faces all day! It was the best! We will have these memories to talk about for years to come!

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