Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Skinny Jeans Debate

I have been asked to amend my last blog post. It was brought to my attention that "Someone" does not wear skinny jeans. They are just jeans that fit. I have been been informed that they are actually Boot Cut jeans and there is even a tag that proves it. "Someone" thinks my supposed confusion over this matter means I do not actually know as much as I think I do.     Right.
(Apparently, "Someone" forgot that the reason they even know what Boot Cut means is because I introduced Carpenter Style Jeans to them so that they would stop wearing Skinny Jeans.  Just sayin'.)

*Names have been changed to make it perfectly obvious who Someone is. Also, other nicknames I usually use to refer to Someone would not pass rigorous censoring.

*A picture was refused. Probably because it would prove without a shadow of a doubt that I was correct in my initial assessment.

1 comment:

  1. LOL.......Glad you cleared that up for us
    . I do know of an extended member of the family that wears skinny jeans just saying. Know his wife would like them with cowboy boots