Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Bean - 13 Weeks

Well, I am a few days past 13 weeks.  I had my OB appointment today and all went well.  The Bean's heart rate was in the 160's.  It's looking like another c-section, sometime at the end of October. My glucose test was good, so I am hoping to hold off getting gestational diabetes this time!  And I had the Nuchal Scan and bloodwork which showed everything is going well.  So far so good!!!   The doc I saw for the scan has a last name that ryhmes with Fabulous so the residents call her Doctor Fabulous.  And she is!  She is so funny and I had a great talk with her.  She was one of the docs I saw on a regular basis when I was on hospital bedrest with the boys so I got to know her fairly well.  She said she is thinking pink for me this time, LOL!!  She is doing my Level 2 scan in June so she is excited to see if her guess is right!! She also has never seen me out of a hospital bed so when I stood up after the scan she exclaimed "you look great!"  She said I have a glow!!  I had to laugh though.  First of all because I have gained so much weight since having the boys and second because my face is all broken out.  This morning the boys asked me why I have a "boo boo face."  UGH!!! But, Dr. Fabulous thinks I look great, so I guess I at least look better than I did when I was pregnant with twins, lying in a hospital bed feeling like a beached whale for months, LOL!!!  Either way it was nice to hear a compliment and I hope her predictions are right about the Bean too (for a girl and a healthy baby either way!)


  1. Ohh. As I'm fairly new here I didn't know you were expecting number 3. Congrats! Guess you have to consider changing the name of your lovely blog!

  2. hey, I never thought of that you will need a new name for your blog!!
    maybe Ree and the tribe lol

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  4. I am so glad to hear things are going well!!

  5. Ugh, I hate that GD test! I failed my first time. At first, I really enjoyed that super orange soda-like drink! But the second time, they made me drink the other flavor. YUCK-O!