Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Wild Life

The boys and I went with Auntie Anne (my brother's fiance) to the zoo. It was so much fun. They have a 30 acre drive thru safari and a huge wildlife center that you can walk or drive through. Since it was a 3 mile walk, we decided to drive through and park the car and walk at parts that we wanted to see up close. The boys loved it!! Their favorite animal was the Buffalo. They sat and looked at the Buffalo for the longest time. They fed him hay and watched him eat. At one point the Buffalo peed, it was too funny to see their expressions as buckets of liquid poured out of the giant animal!! Annie and I kept trying to get them to continue walking to see other animals, but they were to enthralled with the Buffalo. We stopped at the barn to feed the baby animals too. You can buy baby bottles of warm milk and feed the goats and lambs. At first it seemed fun, the goats were small and cute. But, we quickly realized the little ones were starving and anxious for their turn at being fed. Some of them got out of the pen and were jumping on us. Cenzo was feeding the littlest goat, but then another came over and started jumping and pushing his way in and Cenzo freaked out. Luccio wouldn't even walk in the barn he just stood at the edge and screamed. Annie carried Luccio and I carried Cenzo and we made our way through the barn to continue to feed the animals. It seemed like little animals were coming at us from every where and Luccio was crying and screaming. Annie said, "Oh my god it's like a nightmare for him!" And it was. But, we couldn't help laughing. We decided to head back to the car and the littlest goat followed us. We weren't sure if he was going to try climbing into the Mom Mobile with us! Luckily another family came along and distracted him with more food!! LOL!! It was our first outing with Auntie Annie and I was impressed, she was quite the Farmer!! She was holding Luccio and feeding goats and cows and lambs. The animals loved her! And the boys really enjoyed their day with their Auntie.

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