Monday, May 11, 2009

Greatest Show on Earth

Hubby and I took the boys and Stregga to the circus this week! It was fantastic!!!!!!!!!!
The boys were very impressed with the lobby full of good for sale, so when the show actually started they were just amazed!!! Luccio's favorite part was seeing the elephants. There were 11 elephants!! Gorgeous, giant creatures! He loved them and throughout the show kept asking where the elephants were hiding, it was so cute! Vincenzo was glued to the show the entire
2 1/2 hours! His face was precious as he oohed and aahed! My favorite part was the tigers, they were gorgeous! i wonder how do they remember what tricks to do and the sequence of it all. And the elephants too, they were dancing and prancing in such an organized way, I just can't get over how they learn the routines. It was a fabulous day full of magic and glitter!! The boys went home with a bag of souvenirs and hands full of confetti that had fallen at the end. They fell asleep clutching that confetti and when they woke up, Cenzo said "I want to to that again some day!"
I do too!!!

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  1. How cute! I cant wait for my son to be big enough to enjoy the circus. There's nothing better than seeing something through kids' eyes!