Saturday, May 2, 2009

Making Memories...

We stayed 7 days at Stregga and Papa's. We got there Monday with no real plan for the week or when we would leave and stayed until Sunday!! Luckily Stregga and Papa welcomed us with open arms. My parents have always been there for me and supported me in good times and bad and I am blessed enough to say that they have been there for my boys too. From a crazy pregnancy to getting through Luccio's brain surgeries they were by my side in whatever I needed at the moment. And although escaping mice is not nearly as life threatening, it is almost as scary to me. So thankfully they let us stay with no questions asked and seem to genuinely enjoy having us here. The boys and I certainly loved it!!

One afternoon we went home for a few hours and I asked the boys if they wanted to stay home and they said, "No! I am going to Stregga's until Sunday!" Too funny.

Most of the days the weather was nice, so while my parents were at work the boys and I stayed outside on the deck and in the yard playing for hours. One day we went to the zoo with Auntie Anne ( I will post pics soon) and has such a fantastic time seeing the animals, etc. Another day, Stregga took the day off and we brought the boys to see Hubby playing a Crocodile in his school's production of Peter Pan. The play was amazing, the high school kids are seriously Broadway caliber!! And the Crocodile has some of the best scenes, a real show stealer!! The boys were totally inot the show and actually understood the concepts that Peter Pan and Tink were talking about. they even picked up a new phrase from Tinkerbell, who called Wendy a "Silly Ass."

One night we went to a local carnival. It was the first time the boys had been to anything like that. they loved it!! They were so excited to go on rides, in fact Vincenzo was so excited he was practically hyperventilating waiting in line for tickets!!! They were great, until it was time to leave. then they were screaming and crying and kicking. It was a complete nightmare trying to leave the parking lot, but so worth it to see how much fun they had on the rides!

We fell into a really nice routine throughout the week. Papa got up in the morning with the boys and gave them breakfast on the deck. Then I would get up and get everyone dressed and we would entertain ourselves for the day. In the afternoon Stregga would come home from work and hang out with us. Then Papa and Stregga took turns making yummy dinners and giving the boys their baths. At night we would sit in the living room and listen to a beautiful CD that Stregga has with a song called, "Hail Mary, Gentle Woman." It's a relaxing meditation song and the boys really responded to it. They would sit and listen and use a whisper voice. So adorable!! It was a nice way to end the evenings. And then off to bed they would go. They were so exhausted that they got right into bed and within minutes would be sleeping! I love that!

The boys got to help take care of Stregga's dogs too.  They walked Charlie and Stella Mary and fed them treats.  They were so proud of themselves when they got to take the dogs outside. And although the little dogs are skittish around the boys, they seems to have developed a good friendship by the end of week!

It was so nice to have help with the boys all week, especially since I had that worrisome episode with the pregnancy last week and Hubby had to focus on the show and wasn't home until very late each night. The boys enjoyed themselves and Papa and Stregga did too!! Papa called us tonight to say that the week went so fast and he misses them already! Stregga will be happy to have her bed back I bet! She slept on the couch all week and Papa stayed in the spare room so the boys and I could sleep in one room together and I got the big, comfy king-size bed!!! I am going to miss that, LOL!!

Now Hubby's show is over and we are all back home together!! We will see what the week brings!


  1. I miss you guys! we had a blast. we will have to do more sleepovers soon
    It was weird tonight without our special song at bedtime.
    I think the dogs miss the boys too, I know Papa misses all of you too

  2. I love that you guys had a mini-vacation! Good to hear the mice are gone - I'm assuming, since you're back home! ;-)

  3. Wow that sounded like so much fun!! I wish me and my kids had someone to escape to like that. :)