Sunday, June 28, 2009

Beach Day

On Friday I had planned to go to the beach with a friend and our kids. Well the night before she canceled. I was bummed, I had been talking it up to the boys all week. Cenzo kind of understood that "beach" meant sand and water. Luccio wasn't sure, so every building he saw all week, he kept asking, "is that the beach?" And all week they kept asking if they could bring various toys with them to the beach, the toys ranged from bath tub type stuff to tractors to dolls. They wanted to bring it all!

Luckily, Hubby was up for a beach trip too, so we decided to go ahead as planned. The weathermen (the only professionals paid to be wrong) had predicted all week that Friday we would have a break from the rain and it would be 85 and sunny. Needless to say we woke up to gray skies and threats of thunderstorms. But, on we went to the beach!!

The ride to the shore was just over an hour and the boys talked the ENTIRE way!! They were so excited!! When we got there, it was cloudy and chilly. But, that didn't stop us. We just put on our sweatshirts and set up our beach site. The boys dug into the sand like old pros!! We sat for a long time just watching them build sand castles and dump sand everywhere, before they realized there was water in front of them.

The first to venture to the water was Luccio, our Merman. He loved it!! He didn't care that it was freezing cold water or that the waves were choppy because of the coming storm. Even the rain that eventually hit us didn't impact his fun either way.

dipped his toes into the icy water and decided it was more fun to build sand castles by the blanket. He also was not impressed with the waves and wanted to know, "who is doing that?? Who make that happen?" Hubby tired to explain moon energy etc, but I simply said "God" and that satisfied him enough to continue on his merry way!

There were only 2 other families at the beach that morning and when the rain started they quickly packed up. Hubby and I knew it would take ages to pack up all our stuff and get to the car, so we waited it out and eventually it stopped raining and the sun came out!!!
Sunshine at the beach!!! It was fantastic!! Maybe those weathermen aren't so bad after all! We stayed another 2 hours!!

I love beach days and summer, the best of life!!!! And sharing it with these little boys makes it all the better!!


  1. What a great family day! I'm glad you decided to go ahead and go and brave the weather. Too bad you don't live closer to me, I'm more accurate than the weathermen, my hip arthritis does not lie or EVER get it wrong.. lol

    Looks like a really fun day for the boys. :)

  2. Yay! Sunny beach day! Gee, the boys' differences in personalities are becoming so clear, the older they get! LOL!

    I'm glad you all had a great time. I'm imagining myself now at the beach... though, I'm hoping that I can keep my mind from imagining my son eating sand... ;-)