Thursday, August 6, 2009

Beach Day Funnies

We went to the Beach yesterday with Stregga and her sister, my Aunt Grace. My good friend, Shiela met up with us and brought her son, James and her mom, Lola. We had a fantastic day!! The weather was absolutely perfect! Finally no rain, yeah!!!!

The boys were so excited because they hadn't seen Aunt Grace in awhile so all the way to the beach they were singing and laughing and showing off for her.

They were overjoyed to see their friend James too!

These are 2 of my favorites of their funny sayings for the day:

-Luccio saw that some kids had their shirts off with their bathing suits, he looked at me and said, "I want my body out too."

-At one point Aunt Grace was playing with Cenzo in the water and swinging him around, He kept getting mouthfuls of water. So I told him to close his mouth and he said, "I can't I'm too happy!" Made my day!!


  1. My husband walks around our house with his body out during the summers... ;-) I love that he was too happy to close his mouth! LOL! So sweet, the things they say!

  2. Hee hee I wish some of the guys walking around downtown would put their bodies back in!
    Too cute.

  3. Our day at the beach was AWESOME!! I forgot how much fun it could be. It was a great day and the boys were so excited, can't wait to go again.