Sunday, August 30, 2009

Last Days of Summer

Wednesday I had a list of chores I needed to get done, but when I woke up and saw the sun finally shining, I thought a beach day would be fun! About 2 mins. later Stregga called and asked if we wanted to go to the beach with her. She is so psychic sometimes!! She said my aunts and cousins were going too. So I talked to Hubby and we decided to ditch our chores and errands and pack up the minivan. We were ready in less than an hour and headed out to beautiful beach. We met up with my mom (Stregga) and my Aunt Grace, cousin Lizzie, Zhaz and her husband Steve and their girls C and J. It was such a fun day!!

When we first got there the tide was out so we set up camp on the sandbar, it was awesome!! The water was so warm! Stregga parked her chair right in the water until the waves were so high she was forced to move to land, LOL!! The boys had a ball with their cousins!! We took some great pictures. The group shot of all the ladies came out nice, except I hate the image of myself, ughhh!! I couldn't find a maternity bathing suit so it looks like I just gained a LOT of weight, but I figured it was a nice idea to have all of us together so I decided to keep it!!
It was a fantastic day!! It felt like a perfect way to end summer!!!!!


  1. Oh, do I ever wish we lived near a beach!

    LOL re: your bathing suit dilemma! I was so big during my pregnancy, I managed to make my maternity bathing suits look like I forced myself to squeeze into a regular bathing suit, with my belly showing and everything! LOL!

  2. I don't want summer to end wish I could freeze time right now.
    but, fall is here and the days have been beautiful so I'm sure we can have some fall fun and it means our baby Bean is almost here.
    Can't wait until next summer.