Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Obama Factor

There is an old saying about never bringing up religion or politics at the dinner table because you may insult someone. But, since we are not eating (at least not together in the same room) I will get on my soap box for a moment. I wonder if the same rule should apply in an emergency room..... When I was in the ER with Isabella someone asked if she had received Synagis shots. Synagis is not a vaccine, but an anti-body that helps protect kids from getting RSV. I told her that Isabella had not received Synagis because wasn't born prematurely enough to meet the criteria. She said she thought that it covered babies born under 36 weeks. I said, no it covers a preemie born BEFORE 34 weeks and weighing LESS than 5 pounds. She said she couldn't believe how strict things have gotten and how much worse it will get with Obama's plan.

Huh?? Did a Health Care Professional just use my child's illness to further promote her own political bias?? No, can't be. Could it??

Well, I was distracted in that moment because my infant was struggling for air. However, as I sat around the hospital for a couple days with no access to Wi-Fi, I had time to process and formulate more coherent thoughts (well, slightly more coherent.)

I think what bothers me about that conversation is the COMPLETE UNTRUTH!! Synagis criteria has not suddenly gotten more strict because Barack Obama was elected to be President of The United States of America. Three years ago when I had my twin sons I learned about Synagis criteria because they qualified for it because they were born at 32 weeks AND weighed under 5 pounds.

I keep coming back to the injustice of blaming Barack Obama for every wrong under the sun, including Isabella getting RSV. Over the past few months I have heard people place blame on Obama for everything from mammogram recommendations to global warming. Elizabeth Hasselbeck from The View referred to the new Mammogram recommendations as "gender genocide."

So, let me get this straight Obama hates women, children and boobs????

Does ANYONE remember George W. Bush?? The OLD, WHITE, REPUBLICAN who led our country into a war that we may never get out of? A war that cost thousands of American soldiers their lives and put America into debt that we CANNOT EVER repay? $$$$$$$ The same George W. Bush who is responsible for bringing our country to it's knees, begging for mercy in the worst financial crisis we have seen in DECADES????? The same guy who was president when the whole mammogram study was first initiated???

Obama just happened to be in office AFTER the war began, AFTER the financial crisis happened, and AFTER the Synagis and mammogram recommendations have been made.

It took George W. Bush 8 years to destroy our country, Obama will need more than a few months to put a plan in place that lets America recover what is has lost, both economically and emotionally. At a Weight Watchers meeting I was told "it took you 30 years to gain weight, don't be shocked when you can't lose it all in 4 weeks!!" I would say the same principles apply here. Time, effort and lots of hard work are needed to rebuild.

So, Obama may be YOUNG, BLACK and DEMOCRATIC, and he may have a lot of challenges ahead of him as the President of the United States. But, he did not cause Isabella to be born at 36.4 weeks and weigh nearly 8 POUNDS - therefore making her INELIGIBLE for Synagis. Nor did he sneeze, cough and snot on her to cause her RSV (that was her brothers)

He may have caused Global Warming though, I'm not sure because I don't really follow politics....

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