Sunday, January 10, 2010


My Birthday celebrations tend to go on and on, I love it!!! I am spoiled and usually have more than one party. As a kid I would have a family party and a friends party and it has worked out that even as a "grown up" I usually end up with 2 or 3 parties. This year was no exception!!
My Hubby started the celebration by taking me out Thursday night to dinner and a show. We saw, Hairspray. It was fabulous!!!!!!! I have been singing the songs since! Next I had lunch with My Ladies on my actual birthday. And then the best was saved for last, a party with my sons!! When I got home from lunch with the girls, my boys had a party ready for me!!! Roses and yummy chocolate cake are a great way to end a day! Then my parents and Nonni stopped over and we looked through old photo albums. And Hubby made a DVD of the kids from the past 3 years. Its is a compilation of "mini movies" that are about 3 mins each that include: a montage of the boys' first year, first haircuts, sledding, - all adorable moments!!

Cenzo asked me what I was going to wish when I blew out my candles. I never tell a wish because it may not come true, so I asked him-What do you think I should wish for? And he said-"To spend the day with us?" Absolutely!!! There is no more perfect way to celebrate my life than with my family!! Wishes Do Come True!!!

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