Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Art of Compliments- Lesson #1

We were driving to the beach the other day and from the back seat Luccio said, "I love you Mama." and I thought "awwww, what a sweet boy." But, before I could respond out loud, I heard him say, "I love you Big, Giant Mama."

It took me a little off guard to say the least! My mom and I couldn't stop laughing!! Even though it really was NOT funny! Especially since I had opted to wear shorts and a t-shirt to the beach because I felt too big for a bathing suit because of my "post-partum" weight. (Just a side note- I will probably use the pregnancy weight gain as an excuse until the kids are in college.)

Usually when Luccio tells me, "I love you Mama," he will get a very loving reaction of "awwww, you are my sweet little man and I love you soooo much!" But, when you add the words BIG and GIANT its not quite as endearing.

I think he must have realized it didn't have the effect he hoped for because today on the way to school he said, "I love you little, tiny Mama."

Such a smart boy!!!


  1. Hilarious! Mine have said that, too at times! It always makes me wanna..I dont know...something!!!:) lol
    Angela R.
    But then, they are just so cute, aren't they? Can't stay mad at em'....

  2. By the way, may I have your email address? I'd love to send you an invite to my blog!
    :) Blessings