Monday, June 14, 2010

Plan P

I had one of those days where I looked around and thought, "OMG, is this seriously my life right now??" It was sparked when Luccio decided last night to be done with diapers and wear Big Boy underwear. All fine and dandy except for the small fact that he is completely un-potty trained and hasn't had a dry diaper in his life! With that said, I jumped at the opportunity to have him start to train and put the underwear on and sent him to bed for the night, Oh boy! It went ok. He slept all night and woke up in a puddle of pee. But, he seemed unfazed and even changed his own sheet. I was impressed. 5 pairs of underwear and 2 sets of sheets later... Let's just say it was a long morning!
At one point he realized he had to poop. He knew he shouldn't go in his underwear and he wasn't going to be given a pull-up so a fiasco ensued. He was sitting on the toilet screaming and crying and wanting me to help him. I tried reasoning with him and rubbing his back to no avail. The baby was screaming her head off needing to be fed and angry to be left out of the excitement happening in the bathroom. And Cenzo was beside himself because his brother was getting so much attention, so he decided he needed the potty immediately!!! So Luccio screamed louder, Isabella continued crying and Cenzo started in on the yelling raising his voice over the commotion and trying to pry his brother off the toilet.
I thought for a moment that crying myself would be a good option, but I was honestly afraid once I started I might not be able to stop. So I came up with Plan B or Plan P(oop).

I thought of what my mother-in-law has said about "finding the right currency." Apparently, according to Dr. Phil you just have to find the right motivation for the kid and then the pooping on the potty follows. So, I showed Luccio a GIANT lollipop that I had gotten over the weekend at a toy store in NYC! I told him it was a "Poop Pop" and that if he could be brave and make poop happen in the potty he could have it. Then, I decided to go out to the car to get the portable little potty and bring it into the bathroom. Luccio liked that one and and Cenzo was happy to get the "big" toilet. I put Isabella in her carseat and set her in the bathroom doorway with a toy and a pacifier. I sat on a stool in between the potties and read books to the poopers. Thank God for Prudence!! She is the star of the Once Upon A Potty Book. And let me tell you she is one determined little girl. So the boys love hearing about how Prudence sat and sat and sat...until finally...she pooped!! Luccio had me reading that story again and again. And then finally...he pooped!!! OMG!!! Such excitement. Cenzo was congratulating him and then we made a big ceremony of flushing the poop. After hand were washed and he was dressed he wanted his Poop Pop. Cenzo got one too for being such an amazing and supportive brother! Both boys were surprised that the pops "don't taste like poop, only pee." Ughh!! I had to explain that they are not actually poop flavored they are regular lollipops to celebrate the poop milestone. Yeah, whatever Mama.

Several phone calls were made with the big announcement to all of the grandparents and Daddy. Luccio was very unhappy that we reached all voice mails and no one was talking back. Luckily, Stregga happened to have seen the message on her cell and called back within a few minutes. He invited her to his Poop Party!! He doesn't forget a thing. I had told him back in the early spring that if he pooped on the potty he could have a party. And so he held me to my word. Stregga and Aunt Grace showed up with cupcakes and presents!! He got 25 pairs of new underwear and a water squirter. Does it get better???

I have no idea how tomorrow will go and frankly I am nervous about just how many pairs of underwear I may have to wash (or throw away.) And we are venturing out to meet friends at the park which could turn into a total nightmare situation. But, I have to think could it get any crazier than spending 2 hours of my morning sitting in the tiniest bathroom in the world with all 3 of my children crammed in reading books?? I have never in my life wanted a house with 5 bathrooms and a maid to clean them more than I did today!! But, I made it through, the kids made it through. And the bathroom seemed to have survived. Although with 2 toddler boys using it I had to spray it down with some heavy duty cleaners at the end of the day. But, it's all good. And the fun part is I get to do it all again tomorrow...and the next day...

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  1. YEAH!!!!!!!! What a happy day getting the Poop call!
    just last week he said to me with a very serious face "NEVER!! I"m never going to go on the potty!"
    I'm so proud of him and of u too for keeping what's left of your sanity!