Sunday, June 20, 2010

He's Daddy

One day I was telling the boys something about staying out of the road unless a grown-up is with you. They said, "A grown up? What's that?" So I explained that it is a grown person who is responsible like Mama or Daddy. Vincenzo says, "Daddy's not a grown up! He's Daddy!" So I told the boys that yes he is Daddy but he is a grown up like Mama, not a kid like they are.
And they laughed and laughed!! And Luccio said, "Mama you are a silly goose! He's like us."

There is no doubt that Daddy is the fun parent. He plays games like "Daddy Doggie" and "Robot" and gives them rides on his back. He lets them wrestle him and win! He always has jokes to share and funny voices to tell stories with. He takes them sled riding down real hills and lets them drive their motorized car at the park. He gets less time with the kids than I do, but when he is with them its quality. He lives in the moment and in their world with them. They know it and they love it!!

Vincenzo said, "He is Daddy and I love him."

Happy Father's Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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