Thursday, November 12, 2009

Family of 5

Now that we have our beautiful boys and our little princess our family is complete! It was such a blessing to take our baby girl home to join her brothers in the chaos that is our household now!! I sat here the other day just taking it all in. The boys were running around, Luccio was playing with his fire engine with real sounding sirens and Cenzo was playing guitar and singing at the top of his lungs. And in the midst of it all, Isabella was screaming full force because she didn't want her diaper changed. And I had to take a moment to Thank God for all the craziness!

I remember one day in November of 2005 Greg and I visited my Grandfather in his nursing home and we left in tears. We had just been through a miscarriage and the holidays were upon us. Visiting with Gramp reminded us that in the end all you have is your family. Kids, grandchildren, even great-grandchildren surrounded Gramps in his last few months. Greg and I left the nursing home wondered, would we ever have a family of our own??

Here we are 4 years and 3 kids later!! I went to the cemetery yesterday with the boys to visit Gramps and remember him on Veteran's Day. And I thought about what a long journey it was to get here and how grateful I am for all of the blessings in my life!

I am really enjoying watching the boys become big brothers and adjust to life with Isabella. they are so proud of her and love showing her off to everyone. And they are always telling her how much they love her. I know there will be ups and downs and days where I will question my sanity with 3 young children running about. But, I do know that in the end this time with my family is priceless.

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