Sunday, November 22, 2009

Where Oh Where??

Where did the month go?? My little Princess is already 1 month old!! How did that happen? It seems like maybe a week or 2 ago I was still pregnant! The first 20 weeks of the pregnancy seemed to drag along slowly. I was very nauseous and anxious. I wanted some kind of guarantee that all would turn out ok so I could relax and enjoy being pregnant! And after a nightmare pregnancy with the boys, this pregnancy was a very healing experience. I did get to enjoy it and relax once I got to 24 weeks. Greg was home all summer and took care of the boys and we put the nursery together so everything was set. But, once September came it all went into fast forward. Greg went back to work, the boys started preschool, I was going to the OB twice a week (sometimes more) and before I knew it October arrived. The swelling started, my blood pressure went up, I was in and out of the hospital and on bedrest at home. And then the Princess arrived, we celebrated Halloween, and the rest is a blur...

-Cenzo and Luccio LOVE their baby sister! And they are having a great time at preschool! They went on a field trip to a local farm and walked through a Corn Maze, it was so much fun!!

-Isabella is healthy and growing! She had lost some weight after the birth and now she regained it plus some. She is already over 9 pounds. She is eating every 3-4 hours and sleeping nicely. Although she sleeps best in the her swing in the middle of the chaos in our living room OR if she is being held. At night when its too quiet its nearly impossible to put her to sleep in her bassinet and so I hold her as much as possible. I feel like she is only this little once and its flying!! So at night I have been sleeping in the couch and holding her. I know its a bad habit to get her into but she is just so little!!! And she is such a cuddle bug. I figure there is plenty of time to break her of the bait and get her sleeping alone in her little bed. It took a while with the boys too but they are fantastic sleepers so I am not too worried.

-Yesterday my mom took Isabella and Grandma and Papa came here to watch the boys for us. Hubby and I went to the movies to see New Moon! It was great, i really enjoyed it. And it was true to the story of the book. I still LOVE Edward, but Jacob certainly gave him some competition!! We went out to dinner after and I nearly fell asleep at the table. Ughhh!! The exhausted just set in around 7:30 and I couldn't;t keep my eyes open. I am still recovering today! LOL! But, it was nice to go out on our own. I did miss the kids though and since I am nursing I felt the pressure to beat the clock and get home in time for the next feeding because I knew I had only left enough milk for 2 bottles. I still have to work on coordinating that part of it;

All in all everything is going so well!! We are settling into life again. And as Thanksgiving approaches I am counting my blessings! And in the exhaustion I keep reminding myself it will get easier and i will eventually get to sleep again, it just may be a couple of years...LOL

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  1. Isabella is beautiful! I'm sorry I haven't posted before now to offer you my Congratulations!

    So glad you got to get out to see New Moon. :) Sounds like you have a wonderful family.