Sunday, November 15, 2009

Mama's Helpers

Vincenzo and Luccio are very excited about being Big Brothers. They are really enjoying their new roles as caretakers.

Luccio is very nurturing and concerned. He doesn't like "Baby Sister" to cry. He will run and her pacifier aka "Wubba" and bring it to her and he tells her "It's okay Baby Sister, it's okay." Or he will demand that I "pick her up!" "She hungry, she want her milk! Hurry!" And he is always telling her, "I yuv you Baby Sister." The other day he helped Cousin Nikko feed the baby a bottle, he was so proud!

Cenzo is very gentle with "Baby Bean." He talks to her in a soft, loving voice. And enjoys helping to feed or change her when possible. The other day he helped me give Isabella her first bath. He got all the supplies set up and filled the tub with soap and water. Then he carefully sponged her hair and body. It was so cute!! He kept telling her, "Don't worry Daddy is here." LOL!! I had to remind him he is her brother. But, the difference didn't quite sink in.

It is so interesting to watch my baby boys become big kids. I am seeing how old they really are and how much they understand. Its is a unique experience and so much fun to be a part of as they grow into their new roles and next phase of life.

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  1. They are the best big brother/daddy ever! ;-) And your Bean is so adorable! I'm starting to get baby fever just looking at your pictures! LOL!