Monday, November 30, 2009

The Thankful Thing

I read a fantastic children's book called, The Most Thankful Thing by Lisa McCourt. It tells the story of a mom looking back at her life through a scrapbook with her daughter. She tells the little girl all about her favorite moments like going to summer camp, the prom, her wedding etc. But, in the end the thing she is most thankful for is her daughter. I love that!! It got me thinking and feeling sentimental. Over the Thanksgiving holiday I was reflecting on how people, places and experiences have impacted my life and what has been the most important. Nothing compares to the moments I have shared with my family. I was so grateful to be able to spend the holidays celebrating with my family and friends. And most of all I am thankful for my three beautiful children, true blessings!

The boys were reflecting on what they are most thankful for too. It was talked about at home and at school, so they really seemed to get the concept. They came home from school with paper turkeys they had made and on them their teacher had written what each boy had said they were thankful for. Luccio's said, "I am thankful for my toys." And Cenzo's said, "I am thankful for my Daddy." So cute!! That made Hubby's day!!!

That night Cenzo was sitting with Hubby and I. And out of the blue he said, "I love my Daddy." It was so heartwarming!!!

Then he looked at me and said,"Mama?" I replied, "Yes..." in anticipation of what adorable words he would say.

He said," Mama, I don't like you anymore, I only love my Daddy."

Well...there you go.

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  1. LOL! That Cenzo! He says the darndest things! ;-)